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Grow from Home

Pictures This is the place to share you pictures. CBD Hello and welcome to the Growers Network CBD category. As you may have guessed, this category is for all things CBD! DIY Do It Yourself This is the place to tell the community how you are doing it yourself. How do you DIY? Grow Journals This is the place to share your grow journals. Grow Equipment What’s really needed to grow Cannabis? What’s the best equipment? Contests & Giveaways Welcome to the Contests & Giveaways category. Thanks to @zeus for the suggestion! As you’d expect, this is the place to post announcements regarding contests and giveaways. News and Legislation This is the category to post about news and legislation. Introduce yourself! New to the Growers Network Grow From Home community? Welcome! This is the place to introduce yourself to the community and tell us a little about you, your background and why you are passionate about cannabis! Ask Me Anything This Ask Me Anything category is the place where we announce the next host for the Ask Me Anything (AMA) 1 hour event. The featured members are asked questions regarding their subject matter topic and the hosts agree to answer questions for the entire event. Hash and Extract from Home This category is dedicated to all discussions related to safe hydrocarbon, CO2, and solventless extraction from home. Plant Problems Do your plants look sick? Post a photo in here to get help Random Chat and Fun! This is the place to shoot the bull. Or if you rather leave the bull alone, the place to chit chat and have fun talking about anything fun and interesting. Outdoor Growing This category is for discussions about outdoor growing. Cannabis Recipes Hey! Want to share your cannabis recipes! Add your favorites here! Seeds and Strains Here we discuss strains and where to get Seeds or clones Consumption Here we talk about ways to consume Marijuana Harvesting, Trimming, and Curing About growing really good Marijuana Nutrients and Watering This category is about feeding our plants to get a big harvest
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For discussion around growing cannabis at the hobbyist or personal level. If you have any questions about how to use this category or subcategories, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me @ChrisD or Volker at @vritzka.…

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