1 gallon glass jars

I have over 100 one gallon glass jars. Anybody need any. I am in Reedsport OR. Shipping may be a concern. Don’t want to throw them away if people can use them.


I’m in CA or I would jump on it.


Have a friend over in OR. Do they have tops? Tight?
Those are the best for curing. I’d try to hold on to them if you are growing.

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Damn i coukd use some also. But im in utah. The ones for making combucha fetch $20 each air tight and great for storing curing weed.

If i didn’t live in PA i’d jump on this! I need jars so bad.

They all have tops that seal. Some are plastic some are metal.

I need much larger sized containers as 15# of bud is a lot of glass jars. That’s why I have so many.