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1st. Home Grow Ever. Very Intoxicating!

Hey guys,

Here are a few pictures we took of our first home grow project.

3 Feminized AUTO Diesel Seeds
GERMINATED end of June.
HARVEST early October.
METHOD Indoor, sunlight & moonlight only.

Pictures include Flowering stage, Wet Pruning (not sure I am using that term correctly) lol and the beginning of the Drying phase.

Let me know what you think… any suggestions?

Peace & Love.

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Cute, but its not a grow diary. Yawn.

I think cameras today are soooooo much better than they used to be
And another 2 or 3 weeks of life for the plant, would have made much prettier photos

Good job MJ alot better than my first grow

Thank y’all for your positive feedback. I am stoked to report the stuff smoked nice and smooth.

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