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3 Illinois Deaths Linked to Synthetic Marijuana Use

Why we shouldn’t use the synthetic stuff.

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This stuff is bad news! Great read!

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Story time.

I bought some at a gas station once when I lived in Nebraska (I’d like to think every good story starts out buying something at a gas station in Nebraska.) As I got home and took out my “Swamp Magic” or whatever they tried to label it as, I noticed all the different bits of herbs and dried flowers in it. Weird looking stuff.

“Bong’s away,” my younger-less-perceptive self said in gleeful “let’s get high” cheer!

As I smoked a normal sized bowl for myself, I felt my heart rate increase RAPIDLY and started sweating profusely. Felt sick to my stomach, nauseous, and ultimately had to lay down (not from being stoned, but from feeling sick.)

Ultimately provided the kind of experience that said “tell people about this so they can make better choices, including not living in Nebraska.” :laughing:


I would have shortness of breath, which is very unusual for me. I was using it as an alternative when I was fighting professionally. I was actually suspended for 6 months by the Nevada Boxing Commission for Cannabis. I went sober after that during fight camps. Nasty stuff.

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