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4/20 Appreciation Day!

Happy 4/20 @memberdirectory !

Today we are appreciating our active members who have “420” in their company name or user names.

Would like everyone to say Hi and meet @NateDakine420 and @jerid420 from Dakine420. Thank you guys for being one of our founding members since 2017! It is wonderful working with and learning from you over these past couple years. We appreciate your active engagement and for educating our community on the best products from your masterminded group of botanists, chemists, and horticultural specialists.

Also meet Larry with @420FriendlyInsurance. Larry has been growing with us for over a year now and we just had the pleasure of having him in our office to meet our behind the scenes crew of GN. Thanks for stopping by, Larry! It was a pleasure to meet you and your beautiful wife! We appreciate your education on the insurance needs of this industry.

Next, meet @ChipCassady and @erica420 with 420Tech. I would like to especially thank them for growing with us because their CEO Tim Belvin was the first member I invited into our community as I settled in to my position here at Growers Network. :pray: We appreciate the cannabis-specific software solutions you build for Growers, Processors and Retailers.

To all other members with 420 in your profiles in one way or another, I would like to appreciate you as well on this date. Everyone mentioned below has recently joined, visited and/or contributed content on our forum this month. Here’s a big Welcome and Thank You to you too, for being members in our community!!!

@bkg420, @mallman420, @20after4, @longjohn420, @RayRay, @sp0rkeh, @morg420, @mateo420, @nten420, and @cookfarms.

Wishing all of our Growers Network family a very high and happy 4/20!!

~ :green_heart: Kareenabis420~