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4 Corners Cannabis Promotional Video

We are doing a promotion with Master Bong on Friday. Here is a video we put together for it if anyone is interested in what we do. Cheers!


Great video! I dug the song too, and added it to my Spotify playlist. Here’s the band if anyone else is interested:


Thanks…always learning new stuff! I think we lucked out with this song as it worked out pretty well :slight_smile:


Nice little video! As a quick heads up in case you run into trouble, Youtube doesn’t allow you to “advertise” the sale of any cannabis products. They may take down your video if they notice and/or it gets some traction in terms of views.

I wish it wasn’t the case, but that’s the way a lot of the social media outlets run their policy including Facebook, Instagram, etc… Other than that, keep growing!


Thanks and thanks for the heads up.

This isn’t the promotion…just the promotional video. It’s not going to break my heart if they take it down. We all work in the cannabis industry so we are used to breaking rules anyways!