55,000 pounds of premium hemp flower for sale

hemp-flower-pre-roll-joints-600x400 PROPRIETORIAL Farms planted 78 acres of premium CBD Hemp Flower and Biomass during the 2019 season on a pristine multi-generation farm comprised of Southern Oregon’s best soil. The farm has been a working farm for 70 years producing the valleys best hay, without the use of herbicide or pesticide applications. A portion of the farm was converted to Hemp with the goal of continuing the farms generational legacy, producing Oregon’s best sun-grown CBD flower. The 2019 season seed source was secured through Oregon CBD, the global leader in top quality CBD seed. PROPRIETORIAL Farm planted the following seed strains.
• Lifter
• Sour Space Candy
• Suuver Haze
• Oregon CBD- (GBG)

In total the farm produced 55,000 dried pounds of all grade A- air-dried and slow cured product which has been bucked and super sacked and is being stored in a climate controlled storage facility. The material is both seed and mold free and is compliant with all current federal law and CBD levels test between 12.5 and 19% CBD depending on the strain. On average PROPRIETORIAL’s CBD is 15-17 % and the CBG is 13% CBG. The PROPRIETORIAL staff are currently trimming flower for sales and can produce up to 1,000 pounds per week for purchase orders and estimate the total flower yields, once processed will be converted to up to 25,000 pounds trimmed flower. Sales can be initiated for either machine trimmed A- flower, hand-trimmed or raw- bucked- non trimmed flower. The 2019 yields, available for purchase are as follows:

• 55,000 pounds bucked, not trimmed flower (slow dried and super sacked)
• If bucked material is trimmed, accounting for the loss we estimate to have 23-25,000 pounds of trimmed flower.
• Biomass – 20,000 pounds premium Biomass available

We also work closely with partner farms, which adhere to our organic grow methods and premium quality product standards and can fill orders of any size including both our product and partner farm inventory. For questions about products or inquiry for product orders, contact: [email protected], [email protected]