5th week flowering

Ok roll up roll up pack yourself a cone
My next update
7th March 2021
I’ve reached week 5 of flowering so I’m pinning up some pictures for you all to see there progress at possibly the half way mark.
Grand daddy purple putting on the purple in its flowers now but no distinctive scent as yet.

Train wreck

White widow

Gorilla glue

My gorilla rose

Super silver haze

Grand daddy purple

Purple haze

Bergman gold leaf

Afghani clone + gscx auto


My Bergman gold leaf clone

Green crack


Still no pictures. Oh I give up.
I’m too old all this tricky business.


Hey guy. If you want ill help you set up your journal. Ill get you all prettied up for the cannafam to enjoy the fruits of your labor!


Ok that be great cheers @Slym3r


Here you go @aussiecrawl


Got the pictures and now no names dang.
See if you can match them up.

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Omg they are beautiful… and such a lovely place. It’s so nice to see them out amongst the native bush. Had to enlarge the pics to find them. Nice and covert :ok_hand: Those pink/purple stars are so pretty! Everything looks like it’s thriving too. Thanks for posting over here my friend. I don’t go over the other side much now. Don’t like posting as the ex knows we are friends. He’s still a nightmare.
Lol too early to match them up :joy: although I’d like to know which one that coloured one is!
We are going to be busy in a few weeks time! :dancer::dancer::dancer:

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Thank you @aussiecrawl.
The purple :purple_heart: close up is the start of the grand daddy purple.
Interestingly the Afghani clones I was given recently have the same colour in there newly forming flowers.
Does gdp have Afghani jeans :jeans:?