A couple of strange germy seeds

Hi there, I have a few new seeds germing. And a couple here that I thought I post up and see if you have had these issues.

  1. Not sure if mold or some crazy microbe taking over. I moved away from the others. Social Distancing.
  2. A long stretch; skinny initial stem, but still first leaves coming on.

I’ll be watching these…

Had that happen with those type of root plugs. Its a little tough for the plant to penetrate the sponge matter. And as its pushing the tap root down trying to drill down the force pushes the seedling out of the plug and it climbs out of the plug. Because the seedling needs to anchor the taproot so it can lift itself up to the light. Take the plug out slice one side open and gently put it into the plug like a hot dog. And see if you can save it.
Seems like your light is to far away from the seedlings also they want light and will reach for it. And there not stretch armstrong. Got to keep lights low for shorter plants and better small node spacing.


Second one is dead. To much stagnant air and humidity= mold! @hoppiefrog me and hoppy were talking about this last night.


And heres your mold brother

Do not use wood, bamboo. Only plastic tags.


Makes sense. I use heat mat as well so that keeps the temp in a mold growing range. And good advice on not using bamboo. THanks


Plastic solo cups sliced into strips make nice tags cheap. Then if you use cups just write on them with sharpie.