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A Proposal for transitioning the unlicensed into a licensed grower


Unless you’re growing in a residence, on public land or in or near a school I don’t see why this wouldn’t work as a way to transition those who currently grow cannabis and would like to become licensed compliant in their respective states. I came up with this idea for California but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work in other states as well. Based on what I see here in Cali, the way Prop 64 and SB 94 read I think the state will be lucky to convert even 5% of the vast unlicensed grows into licensed ones. That being said we desperately need a big tent, common sense approach for the realignment of the canna industry and it needs to happen now. I would like to see this SCLB plan implemented and need to get it in front of the right people to make it happen. If anyone reading this has thoughts or comments on the Proposal as detailed in the link, and/or organizations that would endorse this plan, and/or thoughts on identifying who might be the best politician or administrative force to work on this would be appreciated.

Once you’re read the Proposal (this is version 3) I would like everyone to know that I have been assembling the so called minority communities to get behind this Proposal as a way to get a seat at the canna-table. The drug laws have been historically oppressive to the black/brown communities and iit is my intention to see that they are not further vilified by laws that would deny them economic opportunities that should be available to them if they conduct themselves in a fashion that educates the local governments why cannabusiness can be good for these communities and works to improve quality of life. It is with these community activist groups and politicians that have been known for promoting urban economic opportunities (ideally inner city farming projects) that will help shape and expand the narrative so that we are not talking about the divide and conquer plans that exist in what we see as proposed cannabis law.

If you think this can work I need like minded people to help in any way they can to see that this approach is implemented. Otherwise the very agencies that purport to protect our rights under these new cannabis laws will be the lead aggressors in putting the screws to unlicensed growers as they will be the competition to the mountains of money they see swirling in their private troughs. Doing nothing is not an option folks.


To clarify, this is an idea for California producers specifically?

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Initially yes. But the concept could work in any state that is transitioning into licensing recreational cannabis.


Version 4 is now up on the website. It cleans up alot of the language from the previous versions as well as it goes to how pesticide and toxicity tests have to be performed before the seal is applied as well as how wholesale distribution still will be how the products are brought to market.

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I’m going to start building the website today that once it’s functional I’ll offer it to the state to takeover under a website. We’re modeling it off of the current website.

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