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A "Vision" for Craft Cannabis


Hey everyone!

Check out our latest article about how artificial intelligence can assess your grows.


This is sweet!


I truly believe that as this industry matures, we will see a similar finish line, like we see in alcohol. It took many many years for home brews to become relevant and popular. And like home brews, craft cannabis will also have a niche market in cannabis. Sure the big players, the Buds and Coors, will dominate the sales, but craft will always be around for the scrupulous cannabis connoisseur. So long as the craft grower is satisfied with a smaller part of the marke and continues the tredium that is hand crafting, then craft cannabis will shine on. That being said, the commercial grower will need to decide sooner than later, “Where will I compete?” Thanks for sharing the vision!


I love the craft beer analogy! There are so many similarities between craft cannabis and craft brewing that one can draw!