Abandoned 🪴


So here are 2 plants I abandoned to my husband about 3 weeks ago. I had my 2nd knee surgery and couldn’t get downstairs until tonight. I asked him to change the lite to 12/12 for flowerr. They are 2 male plants of 9 lb hammer. I’m hoping I get alot of seeds! They were in night mode when I was down so iI will go in the morning and do some trimming. I have a question, it might be stupid, but does the fact the 2 males pollinate will the seeds be stronger stock?

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Where are the females?


They won’t make seeds if they don’t polinate a female plant… Need male and female to make babies. Kinda similar to the birds and the bees. :joy:


Oh duh. Well that sucks. There aren’t females. I don’t think momma explained the birds an bees


You could collect pollen from them


Well now here is a question…since we can douse or spray a female with chemicals and get female pollen to pollenate the same plant and make fem seeds…can you douse a male plant and make that limb go female and then do the same thing in reverse?? Prolly not…but never hurts to ask.

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