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About the Cure Advantage category

This category is for Cure Advantage to post news and answer questions about their services. We have @Cure_Advantage_Ruben on the community available to help you out. Feel free to @ tag them in your questions to alert them.

Cure Advantage implements patent-pending technologies in the post-harvest curing process to achieve a higher quality product for our customers. By utilizing expertise in cultivation, engineering, and information technology we design and build custom gas-exchange mechanisms for cultivation sites to enhance the properties of the product as well as augment the efficiency of the curing process itself.

By applying data analysis of key metrics obtained by sensor arrays, Cure Advantage is able to determine the peak of cure and reduce cure time from 16-21 days to 6-8 days. With the automation of the curing process, labor is reduced and time to market is decreased, thus culminating fast returns on investment and maximizing profits, with no up front costs. With the Cure Advantage curing system our clients have enjoyed a 25% increase in THC content, a dramatic increase in flower to popcorn ratio, enhanced security, improved trichome quality and amplified aroma.

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@Cure_Advantage_Ruben is an incredible resource of knowledge for our community! I’m very happy to have him here. Coming from a data science background, Ruben is your guy if you need numbers @mastergrowers !

I can’t wait to see Cure Advantage’s incredible tech in action!


Very cool to have such innovative tech here at GNET! Thanks for being a part of our community…I can’t wait to see all that you offer!

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Thank you GNet Team! Fantastic to be a part of a growing and knowledgeable group!


We’re happy to have you here, Ruben!

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