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About the IRG Medical category


This category is for IRG Medical to post news and answer questions about their services. They are currently building their account, so keep your eyes peeled!

IRG Medical, Inc. empowers medical and patient communities alike with the latest in proven and effective medical treatments and solutions. Through research, education, marketing and sales, IRG Medical, Inc. creates marketplaces for innovative medical technologies ranging from equipment, software, computing hardware, supplements and combinations thereof. We forge relationships with the developing company, make sense of the technology, contextualize it and market it to the appropriate end user or reseller. Examples of our products include laser technologies, graduated compression garments, bionic parts, sub-lingual electrolyte delivery systems, hyperbaric chamber, nano-technology, virus suppression, pain management technology and metabolic efficiency programs.

As part of our mission, IRG Medical, Inc. is committed to:

  • Continually monitor the landscape of medical innovation and research
  • Educate the medical and patient communities on the latest in proven and effective medical treatments
  • Research the use of existing medical treatments
  • Bring to market the latest in proven and effective medical treatments
  • Develop NEW innovative and proven medical products

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