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This category is for The Cannabis Reporter and its members to discuss issues, announcements and topics regarding their broadcasts.

Awareness is key to acceptance.

Our mission is to empower widespread acceptance of cannabis through awareness and support advocacy that leads to a healthier, more sustainable and prosperous future.

Shifting the paradigm takes education. TCR engenders trust with credible experts that engage the listeners who wouldn’t ordinarily go out of their way to explore the benefits of cannabis.

Is the first and only all-cannabis talk radio show to achieve nationwide radio syndication, we are able to facilitate change in the perception of cannabis, enabling the growth of new markets and uses by providing powerful educational interviews and compelling storytelling.


The Cannabis Reporter Radio Show

The Cannabis Reporter Radio Show is the first all-cannabis program syndicated for broadcast on commercial and community radio network stations nationwide! Listen in as host Snowden Bishop explores the potential for cannabis to transform the field of medicine, improve human health and benefit our economy, environment and society at large. Each episode begins with a topical introduction followed by a “Medical Marijuana Minute” and engaging interviews featuring some of the industry’s most notable medical experts, lawmakers, celebrity advocates and other compelling guests.

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