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Ack! Scared of failure, but here goes my first journal

So far I just named my subject line LOL … received new seeds today, thanks to preybird1, who I will owe all my success to. I’m dying to start them up right NOW in wet napkins, but wanna do this right and methodically. The seeds are not feminized, nor auto, so I’m going to learn a lot from these. I’ll list them in my next post.

Anyway … any tips on starting?? I can skip the soaking in water for a day, yes? I did that with my ancient seeds that never took. Or, do I just place them gently into some light seedling medium I have that I used for all my veggie and flower seeds? Thanks for any advice.

I am SO psyched and can’t wait to begin my growing journey!!!


@1sttimegrower welcome and good luck :grin:.
If there not Feminized then they will be full of seed but I’m not shore what your plane is.

Probably best not to skip the soaking in a cup part before going into paper towel just remember they need to be in a dark place when you do this.

Or you can go the other way and place them in seed soil and under light straight away its up to your preference. Somtimes some seeds are duds depending on where you get them from and the quality of them just remember the paper towel way needs to be done in the dark. Anyway good luck and happy growing :grin:. Lots of good ppl with plenty of good knowledge you will get great support hope this helped a little


congrats on your new venture. understand why you do everything you chose to do. @hellraiser will be a great mentor for you. @LoCoRocK held my hand and got me thru my first grow. if you chose not to soak your seeds thats up to you. everyone needs to find what works for them but it looks to me like you might be skipping some important steps. all seedling soils are not equal. research what you are doing and understand the WHY. read read read. learn from all of our mistakes and make a whole bunch of your own so you can do it better each time. good luck and happy days :smiley:


I use promix hp as my medium and I just plant directly into the dirt as mother nature intended.
Put in a warm environment, with the light on, cover with a humidity dome with a spray or 2 of water in the dome, as the soil heats up and moisture and the humidity of the soil won’t escape because of the dome, poof, sprouts in 3 to 4 days.
Best of luck to your grow


Hey @1sttimegrower ! Warrior you are!
There are plenty of good people here to guide you along.
We can never get good at anything without a little trial and error, learning along the way. If you can grow a tomato :tomato:, you got this! You WILL get hooked…weed isn’t addictive, but growing is!:green_heart:


I’d suggest atleast a 12 / hr soak but different strokes and all, you know the saying. Bobbie said it - addictive as shit growing this damn weed. Congrats on finding the forum and big time congratulations on taking the plunge for the first time. With the gangs help you will find it super duper easy cheesy. Did I miss what of Preys your growing?? Runts ? Galactic?? He sent ya a handful I’m sure. Anywho welcome to house of the unholy and get some pics up…it simply can’t be true if it’s not documented!!! LoL


@LoCoRocK yeah pics or it didnt happen right lol.
She’ll be fine plenty of help here. Im just helping her process along a bit sometimes getting seeds can be tricky. I like the paper towel method. Then i can inspect the tap root. I can always plant the more vigorous one and label it plant#1 and then plant #2
@1sttimegrower every strain i have done has a beginning and an end. I complete all me strain journals except a couple when i was in a motorcycle crash and died, they brought me back 3x. So i have an excuse on those journals. But you can see how i did everything in each journal. From seed to bag of weed. In fact i just started a grow journal last night on 2 new strains.


Oooh, good to know you have past journals @preybird1. I just didn’t go back far enough to find them. I’m going to read up on those over the weekend and hope to get things started by Monday, if I can hold myself back.

@ren - my purpose is to grow good stuff for personal use. Too new to even begin to consider cloning, making seeds, pollen, etc. Maybe that can come later. Just here to grow, for now. Good to know about the soaking still being needed. I was thinking incorrectly that this was only done for ancient seeds, like I had before.

@pptrsha1 - I will totally reconsider the soaking part! First I’m gonna read some others’ journals. And look into the best seedling mix, as well as grow medium.

@hardroc - thanks for the tip on medium and starting

@bobette - my fella warrior! I am very good at growing tomatos (also cukes, peppers, etc.) … not an easy feat up here in the PNW, with such a short grow season.

@LoCoRocK - thank you for the advice and congrats, etc. I will list the types of seeds in my next post. They are in another room and I just started my first sip of coffee and need to get out of my daily groggy phase of the day. THERE WILL BE PICS!! I am the Queen of pics LOL

Thank you all. I’ve really enjoyed the banter and the sharing and the grow stories. Look forward to many more.


Hey girl, I’m in Michigan.
I think close to the same. Ya’ll grow apples so do we… lol
You got this! Looking forward to your pics!:green_heart:


Look at you two…comparing apples already. LoL
It’s always fun reminiscing your first time! I remember when I started growing weed too. Ha ha
Anywho great group, good times, good ppl - GREAT stories - stoner stories are the best. How baked can a person get right?? Stupified is as stupified does!


First picture - beans … looks like I have:

  • 4 White Runtz x Skywalker OG
  • 4 Hash God
  • 2 Sky God


Oh those strain labels are water proof, Thermal printed, non toxic, uv resistant, and tear proof. I use them because they can be used to mark the strains type re-using the labels i provided. Forgot i did that lol.


I love the Skygod! So does my daughter!:green_heart: She’s in her 40’s ya’ll…
Have Hash God thing now.


Good Luck! The best way to learn is by doing imo. So grow them seeds!


Hiya. I had a very crazy busy weekend (day trip to Mount Rainier and putting more of my other garden in) and was hoping to start my seeds tonight, but couldn’t stop reading these journals, etc.

At some point I just need to jump in, so I decided to stop reading and just start the seed soak tonight. But then I read not to use city water, so I found a new bottle of water and opened it to let it air out over night. I’ll start the soak in the morning. Then I’ll move to the paper towel phase.

I see so many different ways to do this as everybody has their own style. So, I’m planning on soaking for 12 hours and then move them to a paper towel that I’ll keep in the dark, wet and warm. Am I leaving anything important out?

Thank you all. You all rock!


Question: I bought some gibberellic acid for another garden issue and see that it has some uses here, too. Any pointers on whether I should use any in the germination stage and how?


Welcome aboard.
This place is like Hotel California. Once you are here; you can’t ever leave.
If @preybird1 is leading the way, then you have one of the best looking out for you.
Looking forward to your grow.


You shouldn’t need any. These seeds are very fresh. I would try gibberelic acid on older seeds.


u have some very nice seeds if u got them from Preybird1. They will all be very fresh and easy to germinate. Good luck on ur grow and be safe


hey Prey havent talked to U for awhile hope all is well Ive seen u on Strainly I hope ur business is going well. I know ur back to work full time How are u feeling and how is ur hand doin. Im going to DM u about something so be well