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Ack! Scared of failure, but here goes my first journal

If my leaf has 40% issue or damage i pluck it off.


omg. true story about that festival in Oly. Back when I was still on active duty and my kids were little, i drove past capitol lake one morning and saw they were set up for a festival or something. i picked up the kids that afternoon from school and had an hour or two to kill before dinner. I didn’t want to go home yet because it was a nice day. So we went to the festival.

Like I said, it was a little bit after school had let out. I didn’t care what the festival was for. The kids needed to get their ya-yas out. We were there for about 10-15 min and I wasn’t paying attention to anything. Then my daughter asked me to go over to one of the tents to buy her something. No shit. At that moment, the musician on the stage stopped singing and was talking about something and the entire crowd started chanting “TEN! NINE! EIGHT! SEVEN SIX!..” My daughter was showing me some beautiful glass bongs with unicorns on them or something. I looked at my watch. The date. April 20th. The time? 4:19.

At that point I realized where we were.

I explained to my daughter that, with a small kids in the house, it might not be a good idea to have glass sculptures (bongs) with unicorns on them. But we could find something else later. We stayed for 2-3 more songs, then I made the command decision to GTFO.

A few months later, I was telling this story to my Squadron Commander. He looks at me and says “why the shit are you telling me this story?” I told him that I didn’t smoke anything. And even if I had smoked anything that day, it would have been out of my system a long time ago. I was less than a year from retirement. I never pissed hot for weed for my entire career.


What a great story! Too funny!

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Hiya! Okay, heat wave question.

Plants are 65 days old. I gave them each two cups of water with epsom salts yesterday. I may throw out all the rules and water them well in the morning, what with this heat. My gardener’s instinct is screaming ‘WATER THEM MORE!’ It’s gonna be over 100 degrees. I’m also going to move them into the shade, or more like, indirect light. So, I guess I don’t have a specific question except to ask if I’m on the right path. Should I follow that gardener instinct? The next two days or so are going to be terribly HOT. I do believe they were affected from today’s high temperature of about 100 or so.

Thanks for any advice … sweet dreams all!


My plants are in the ground outside. You saw what my weather is like. My plants deal with temperatures in excess of 100° all the time. Plants in the ground will tolerate it better because the ground pulls heat out of them. Parked out in the sun allow the route zone to get hotter and could stress the plants a little bit more. I haven’t personally seen this happen yet but I can see how it could. I would treat them as you normally do just check the weight and make sure they’re not too lite. :+1:t3:


Thank you. I fretted over this last night thinking they were suffering. So, I set my alarm to get out there by 8a to move them and water them before the heat sets in, the real heat. First I tested with my moisture detector, which I think is pretty good for a cheap device. Some of them ranged just ever so slightly below wet and some ranged in the moist area (see photos). So, they weren’t all that thirsty as I thot. Plus, yeah, they weren’t lite when I moved them, still a little heavy due to yesterday’s watering, which I think was two cups; one at noon and another around 8p or so. In any case, I did move them to shade and I gave them all a cup to drink to prepare for their day of 107 degrees. I’ll measure again tonight to see how moist they are, as well as do the weight check. I’m learnin’ … :upside_down_face: :seedling:

Even the most dry weren’t all that dry


Sorry it took so long to return with answer. I gently tugged on that leaf and it was staying put. Still there. It is old growth and at the bottom of the plant. I now have two others with a fan leaf on the bottom with the same markings. So, even tho I’m on day 11 after transplanting into FFOF/S#4/Perlite 40/40/20, looks like they may be hungry a bit earlier than the 2-3 weeks I thot the medium would feed them. Here is the pic of the leaf in question, from that day. I’ll start a new post later with new pics. Thanks!!


I agree. Time to feed them! Good catch!


These babies are my life* at this moment in time, due to no job … the only thing that can get me to walk out in the heat to check on them and feed/water. LOL … I’ll start mixing up the Jacks!!

*sad, I know … poor pitiful me … :seedling: :green_heart: :seedling:


We’re haven’t seen West Oly represent lately.

What’s up with that?

Let’s see some pics!


LOL … still here. I tend to come and read and not comment for days and then write a long missive! So, it’s time for that. :slight_smile: :seedling:

Plants are great! All I’ve done recently is finally start on my Jacks 321 regime and measure their height … LOL.

I already posted on your journal how busy I’ve been nurturing a baby scrub jay and that has taken a lot of our time (when I answered your question on fireworks).

I’m gonna get out there today and check them all out individually for critters, growth, sex, etc. I’ll take some pics and get back to y’all.


Yeah. We want to see pictures of the fledgling bird too!


That one is easy b/c all I’ve been doing is taking doting pics of him/her!!

Here he/she is learning to perch on her box which he/she managed to hop/fly to from inside … SO PROUD!

Here he/she is looking right at me

Profile pose LOL

I feel like Holly Hunter in Raising Arizona … “I love him so much” …

His parents are always watching from above in the trees. They were feeding the babies on Monday and Tuesday but then they stopped feeding him regularly around when his two siblings died. I know Mother Nature is harsh, but not for this one, not on my watch.

Almost done with my grow update prep … babies of another kind …





Yes! I tried to link to it but it didn’t post the video itself. Thank you!! Yeah, that’s me with this baby bird!!


Update! July 6, 2021 Day 73 since the beans popped out of the soil …

I’m attaching pics of my current journal page and closeup photos of parts of my plants since I’m still trying to get gender of most of these babies. Seems that 3 of 4 White Runtz x SkyWalker OG are female, but Sky God and Hash God are keeping their legs shut tight.

The plants are between 19 and 24 inches, with one of the Sky Gods and one of the WR x SW OG being the two tallest (somehow I have it wrong on my notes … ugh … I’ll fix that later).

Using my VERY cheap pH tester, all of them seem to be just at pH of 7, so if that’s a tad bit high (barely), I’m not worried because I doubt the numbers are anywhere close to be exact. Same with it’s moisture reader. The light reader sure seems to tell the truth in sunlight. Ha!

Current page of notes …

Group shot of the transplanted eight (two still in solo not pictured at 16" and 20") …

Sky God A showing a much higher moist reading than all the rest … all the rest of the plants are in the dry reading around 3 … strange …

Sky God A at 24" …

Sky God A? showing NO gender, that I can see …

Sky God B showing NO gender via magnifying glass, that I can see …

Hash God ? showing NO gender, that I can see …

White Runtz x SkyWalker OG A is female, as we’ve all agreed before now …

WR x SW OG B has one fan leaf with only one brown part … weird …

WR x SW OG B at 24" …

WR x SW OG B is female, as we’ve all agreed before now …

WR x SW OG C seems to be female …

They all got neem sprayed today and I’ll be feeding them 2 cups (EDIT: fed 1 cup) of Jacks 321 any minute now, was waiting on indirect light to do it.

That’s pretty much I have right now. I’d love to have any advice, criticism, suggestions, whatever from anything you see here, especially my notes.

As always, thanks to all so much for all the great tips, etc.


Hiya! Long time no see!! I do come here daily and read read read, but I don’t get to post often. It is Day 89. Keep in mind that this is an outdoor grow of regular seeds being three of @preybird1 strains: Hash God, Sky God and White Runtz x Skywalker OG. All plants are healthy. I will post update and pics this afternoon. Along with some watering/feeding questions and maybe a question on more topping/fimming to keep them on the smaller side or whatever. @OlyBoy , you might be a good grower to give some advice since you grow outdoors just a few miles from me and some in containers.

For now, though, a validation of some weird eggs on the bottom of some of my leaves. I believe they are ladybug eggs. I had some yellow eggs on a leaf a few weeks ago and knocked them off only to Google later and see that I probably murdered a whole ladybug family :frowning:

I haven’t done any pest control since July 6th and probably will do it again today or tomorrow (Neem & Mosquito Bits).

Back later!


You’re hatching your pest control right there. Don’t kill it let it do it’s Job for you.If those are ladybug nematodes or whatever they’re called Those are good bugs. They eat mites, aphids and such.


Yes, sadly, I didn’t know that the first time I saw them and knocked them off. Then I Googled and saw what I did! Ack!! These babies are staying!! :slight_smile:


Hey the babies are fine. Its not like you squished them calm down. Brushing them off won’t hurt them a bit. Becsuse there hatching. They are gunna run all over Anyways. I used to keep them lady bugs in little terrarium there fine. They kept
Your plants are looking well. Getting in my lights. Had to stop letting them die