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Ack! Scared of failure, but here goes my first journal

I guess I never got back with the update. LOL …

Questions: water/feeding. I’m using Jacks 321 and they are getting 3 cups each every other day. It’s been quite warm/hot here (high 80s and 90s are coming) and I feel I need to water more but not sure when and how much.

I let them dry out between waterings but to tell the truth I don’t think they are getting enough moisture on the days I do feed/water. So I’ve been cheating and spraying them just ever so slightly on the days I water my veggies. More like a sip of water to tide them over and usually the morning or afternoon of the same evening I feed them. Which makes me wonder if I’m diluting the Jacks 321 when I do feed later …

So, I guess my question is, do I up my amount of Jacks 321 to a higher amount, say … half gallon each? Or? More?

They are outside in grow bags and their height is between 25 and 35 or so, without running back there to measure again.

They are looking good, so I must be doing something right, but I just feel they have got to be thirsty for more than what I’m giving them. My cheap moisture meter doesn’t even register the three cups I give them. It usually reads at about 3 out of ten, saying dry. Even after watering (feeding). They are also telling me by looking slightly wilted after a day of heat, not the wilting of evening darkness, but thirsty wilt.

Damn, I just can’t write a simple post, can I. Meandering brain and all.

Photos coming in just a moment.

Here is the wilt at noon just now. They were not watered yesterday. I will water/feed them around 5pm. The wilt concerns me.

Group shot


And here’s the baby scrub jay we nursed back to life and what has been keeping me busier than the plants. He/She is free to go wherever and the parents come and get him and they go off on jaunts, but just when I think he has flown the coop, he appears on my head or shoulder. This is from this morning when I gave him a raspberry. I love him so!


I just melted into a puddle. That’s precious!


Right? He is the first thing I think of every morning and I rush out every morning to make sure he made it thru the night. He has such a personality!


He may keep coming back forever… Or until he finds a mate.


I nursed a baby robin back to health and it would come when I whistled. It kept coming back every year too. Until one year it didn’t. Birds are cool! :sunglasses:


This lil one comes to whistles, etc. too. He is slowly moving away from us which is a good thing. No longer sleeps on our lap and rarely lets us hold him/carry him around. Really standing his ground on being on his own. We try to follow his lead with any new phase and not hold him down (as hard as that is LOL) … I know he will return and I know one day he won’t … such is life … @mudman we’re hoping he is a she b/c there is a greater chance of a she staying around, while a male will leave us to join a female elsewhere. Or so I’m told. Who knows. Birds are totally cool!

I’m not one of those parents who push their kids photos on peeps, but I do with birdie LOL … so here goes:

Very recent

Less than a week ago

Probably about two weeks ago

Probably about two weeks ago, note squirrel wanting attention, too


Sooo adorable! :heart_eyes: love it!


That’s the way I understand it.


Well if jays mate for life you may be it’s boo…lol :laughing: I wish the 1st African grey I bought would have came back…lol that’s what I got for thinking I knew how to clip wings. Birds are very cool I agree. Always been fascinated with falcons since middle school. Our science teacher had a falconer buddy that would come in all the time with birds of prey.
Plants are looking big and beautiful. With the size pots and on top of being outside they’re going to keep you busy busy with watering. Gulp gulp…


Mikey heard you have a bird…
He thinks he’s hunting catnip…lol


That is some animal whisper magic going down.


My neighbor calls me Snow White, what with all the squirrels and birds around me. LOL


Act like you are sleeping in your yard one afternoon. That’ll freak their shit out.


Oh man … my poor cat. He is in cat jail this whole time (in the house). He is a bird murderer and a very good one, too (also vermin catcher). But we can’t chance him being out there with our birdie!!

We also heard that the Olympia cat killer may have resurfaced and two cats in the neighborhood were victims of the cat killer back in 2018, so maybe it’s for the best kitty not go out for awhile. :frowning:

[Cat Killer Article] (the people in the first picture are two doors down from me and two blocks away from me. Way too close for comfort …


You must be shitting me! When MK disappeared a few weeks ago I walked all around my little neighborhood thinking about that a-hole and praying I wouldn’t find her mutilated body.


Oh, man, I am so sorry! The recent killing was by Olympia High School. The post for it has since been taken down, so I wonder … there was a horrific photo by the owner. I’m hoping for the best on this story, that it isn’t the resurfacing of a lunatic a-hole that I know many of us would tear apart if/when we find him.

If it helps any, and I know it doesn’t, it looks like you live in an area where anything could have gotten your kitty (sorry!!) and we have so many predators to worry about with our kitties (and birdies). Mother nature is a bitch.

That was such a scary time, especially with it happening two doors down from me and two blocks down. Both neighbors I knew well. Unbelievable. I had to put my cat on xanax, I shit you not. He was going crazy wanting out.

Been meaning to write and see how the trip went. I’ll chat with you soon.


I’m not fooling myself. Every neighbor that’s ever tried to raise a couple of chickens has failed.

She was a good old cat and she had lost a lot of weight. She trotted out the front door on a Monday night and I hope she found a spot under a tree somewhere to fall asleep and pass away.

We also have a bunch of these big, fucking barred owls that take care of the bunnies and squirrels.

I’m sure it was just part of the circle of life.


Hey girl! :wave: received your card! :heart:
So thoughtful! Thank you for the kind words! Made my day to hear from you! :green_heart::v:


I lost a cat on the 12th from 2 boxers up the street. I called animal control and did a notarized statement. I’m seeing this through Especially since they have NOT come.down and said shit to me. I have cooled down a lot but it was awful.