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Ack! Scared of failure, but here goes my first journal

[Seeder Breeder Grow Journal let the pollen begin! - #18 by 970cannetics]

You can swing by my journal and see what males look like so when you run into that problem you will have an idea what you are up against.

Now for the starting the seeds by soaking them or just putting them into a medium. I personally just put them straight into the medium I use to grow in any pot. Just a good mix of potting soils and garden soils, organic fertilizers like Neem and kelp. I’ve seen growers soak them straight in water do the wet paper towel, you name it. From what I’ve seen it’s more or less the growers preference. I always recommend just doing what you are most comfortable with. There are so many ways you can start a seed. And none are exactly wrong. Just depends on what works for you.

Good luck happy growing.


They do look thirsty, I keep the ratio of nutes to water the same wether it’s 5 gal I’m mixing or 50. I only adust the ratio if they need more or less food.


I’d give them a good soak to see how much more they can hold to give you an idea of how much they’re drinking, if your in an inert medium it’s good to have some run off with Jack’s so nothing’s building up during dry cycles.


So glad it made it your way. I had a lot of fun deciphering your handwriting on the return address. LOL :wink:

For those not in the know (everybody LOL), Bobette graciously sent me some seeds to help me branch out (CBD, CBC, a type of auto, I can’t remember the others off the top of my head, but I Googled their names and got a lot of info on them).

I’ll have to wait until next Spring to start any more seeds as I grow outside and don’t want to start an indoor hobby at this time (well, I do, but I want to keep it simple and stay outdoors even tho our growing season is so short in the PNW).

Either way, I can’t wait to start new beans!! I got so many that I shared them with a close friend here and she has started some of the CBD/CBC ones and a couple of others. I’ve told her how cool and helpful this group is.

Anyway, thanks so much Bobette!!! :green_heart: :seedling: :green_heart: :seedling:


Spread the weed!! :green_heart::v:
Sorry you had a hard time deciphering my handwriting…I had hand surgery… sucks! I struggle with it… then smoke more weed!! Lol
Glad they made it safe!
FYI…I also grow outdoors, mostly. It’s hard to wait for the next season to start! :smirk::upside_down_face::rofl::green_heart::v:


Please keep us updated on things go with your kitty murder. I’m glad you are seeing this through. You’d think they could at least say something, being silent is even worse. :crying_cat_face:


Thanks for the note. Sorry I’m just replying. Trying to catch up on replies. Nice to see you stop by. I have your journal saved in another tab to view later when I have more time.

I’ve gotten better at identifying females, but when there is nothing, I still haven’t seen a male, although I’m suspecting a couple right now. So just waiting.

My several year old seeds never did take but @preybird1 was gracious enough to start me off and all his seeds popped and then germinated immediately and are all still growing and getting bigger every day!


They were thirsty!! So very!! @OlyBoy was kind enough to give me specific says to find out how much they are drinking. He had already advised of the picking them up and ‘feeling’ the weight which is a fantastic way, but I hadn’t figure it out since their smaller Solo days when it was so simple to do so. But then he gave me more advice on watering until runoff and I’ve gotten a much better idea of how much water/feeding they need now. Lots more than I was giving them. And, now they are taking off!! Big time. I had to totally move plants around twice this week to make sure everybody was getting their allotted sun time, etc. LOL … I’m sure I’ll have to do it again.

So, to clarify, inert medium … what exactly is that? My plants are in 40% FFOF; 40% Sunshine #4 and 20% perlite. Since transplant, I’ve top dressed them once with the last of the Sunshine #4 mixed with worm castings. So, I guess I’d understand inert medium as such that isn’t ‘precharged’ with nutrients or the nutrients have waned and now the plants need feeding?

Thank you!


Spot on @1sttimegrower, I wasn’t sure what medium you were using


I havent seen pics lately? What going on here. Lol hey @1sttimegrower hows like and the garden?.


Hi Preybird! I take pics almost daily but there doesn’t seem to be many changes except size, so it feels mundane LOL … but they look great and are really taking off. Yesterday I had to rearrange my garden to accommodate the bigger plants. I wish they all would show their gender already!! It’s the Hash Gods that are holding out. I will post an update with pics later after my laptop charges up so I can do it outside amongst my wildlife. Back in a bit!!

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Have you ever thought of taking pictures on your phone and then emailing them to yourself? Once they’re there you can edit them or do whatever you want with them. You could even put them in a file and date them.


I’ve never seen GN on a computer… so simple from the phone. Just bend and snap…I mean focus and snap…sorry. lol


Yes, sometimes I do it that way. Sometimes I take cell pics and post directly but can’t see anything very well beforehand even with glasses LOL. But mostly, they upload to the Cloud and I fix them there and then download them to computer to post. I could do better and date/file them. Google Photos has them in date order, so I always know what to date what I post. It’s really just taking the time to edit and post that stops me in my tracks. Thank you!!


LOL … my eyes are just too horrible to do much from my cell. Also, I’ve noticed my cheap android cell doesn’t let me focus. Drives me nuts. So I just have to take multiples til I get a clear one. You must be one of our young’uns … LOL

My next cell will be bought mainly on how good the camera is. I don’t use it much for anything else. Maybe a text here and there or looking at FB while waiting for an appt or something. But I’m very frugal (cheap) and I can’t upgrade until/unless my current cell dies … or breaks or … oops … DROP! LOL


Aren’t you sweet… 48 this year but 5 “o” is coming fast. I’ll take the youngn’ comment though makes me feel part of the family… ya that’s it! The younger cousin that’s always in trouble. That’s me!


Update Day 108

A few things:

First off … are these early ‘balls’ on these two pics?
Ball pic #1?

Ball pic #2?

My new height measuring device LOL - an old door edge that needs painting

Close up of new measuring device. All I have to do is place pot bag next to door and measure with a ruler across the top to the door and then subtract 11.5 inches for the bag and extra space between the soil and the top of bag.

The difference between TOP and FIM. I much prefer the TOP’d ones. The FIM’d ones are too tall and lanky and I don’t really see the extra colas they were supposed to create. On the other hand, the TOP’d ones have more colas and are shorter, stockier and stronger. I won’t be afraid to TOP all my babies from now on.

My first set of bottles for mixing up Jacks 321 (1 Liter bottles). This was from a few weeks ago when I started Jacks 321 and only feeding from that tiny 8 oz bottle there. Maybe 2 cups a plant. Mixing half gallon at a time.

My second set of bottles for mixing up Jacks 321 (graduated to 2 Liter bottles). This was from a couple of weeks ago when I graduated from 2 cups per plant to 4 or 5 when the plants started getting thirsty. Mixing half gallon at a time.

My third and current set of bottles for mixing up Jacks (graduated to gallon jugs). This was from last week when I graduated to 96 to 120 oz per plant). I also graduated from that 8 oz bottle to a really cool measuring cup I found on clearance at Grocery Outlet.

I know that I’m going to have to graduate to more concentrated separately mixed bottles to mix in a 5 gallon bucket soon. Either that or make 3-4 batches from the gallon jugs every other day. Thanks to @OlyBoy for all his help in outside grow watering knowledge.

My most favorite clearance item ever found! It features ounces, grams, cups, pints, etc.

My two Solo cup leftovers due to running out of FFOF during the transplant. The one on the left is a White Runtz x SkyWalker OG and the one on the right is a Hash God. I started flipping them last week. These get about 8 oz per plant per feeding. Any more and too much runoff and a huge mess.

This is my ‘flipping box’ for the two Solo cups

The two Solos getting ready to come out of blackout box

Making sure box is totally blacked out from night light pollution outside.

My two Sky Gods. I believe they are both female. Still waiting to be sure. I started a very basic LST on a few of the branches. I don’t want to spend too much time on training until I’m sure of gender.

I had more pics here but can’t find them. I’ll be back to insert them. Pretty much just a group shot of where I put everything when I moved them all around due to new growth. I’m sure I’ll have to do it again a couple of times. Okay, here is a group shot.

Two moths on one of my plant leaves. I believe I interrupted some kind of mating here …

Oops, how did this one get in here? My sweet birdie profile pose.

Was there any particular plant type picture you were interested in @preybird1 ? Not having any buds or flowers yet, they are really kinda boring. I love them and they are beautiful and lush, but just in preflower mode still. Nothing like growing in the PNW …


Lol outside grows can take forever. The plant has photo cells and photo receptors. It can tell when the light changes at the end of the year and the days get shorter and less available light so it starts to flower. So the plant will go on the natural light cycles of outdoor. This is why we can make a photoperiod plant revert back to vegetative growing stage. What is very interesting is how the plant reacts to the Red light created as the angle of the sun changes and it goes through the atmosphere at an extreme angle creating a very interesting red. I have a light thats simulates these and i recreate this angled sunrise and sunset light effect i programed it for 20 minutes before lights on and instead of lights just off it recreates the sunsetting. :+1:
Im playing with the overcast feature. I want 3x more of these lights but im not buying them at retail for $7,400
I tried to get more but i barely made it on the pre order secret list. It was so secret nobody knew. I wanted to try one and now there stupid expensive.


So ball pic#2 is all woman but I’d watch that #1. It is still early to tell from that one pic but is kind of looks like a lobsta claw coming in which is no bueno. Look it over elsewhere and see if ya have anymore or better yet try and find some more like # 2 with pronounced calyx’s that have pistils sticking out just like that #2. It could definitely just be the angle but I would be breaking out the scope and looking under her dress in a couple more spots for some reassurance.


Damn … I have three possible males and I didn’t take note of which plant these pics are from. LOL …

I’ve not had any luck with joules or those magnifying things that look like tiny camcorders. LOL. The latest tool I got is a magnifying glass for my cell that I’ve not tried yet. I’ll get it out. I’ve found that between my glasses and my old fashioned 10x handhand magnifying glass, it works better than any fancy gizmos. Granted I only have CHEAP fancy gizmos, of which I’ve returned most of.

These Hash Gods … they just don’t want to show their gender! It’s like pulling teeth (what does that even mean??) …

Thanks so much!

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