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Ack! Scared of failure, but here goes my first journal

Lol also remember. Plants have more than one side. Check the opposite side of the pranches. Look carefully at lots branches and at all the shoots. Otherwise take a clone and put it in flower it will show in 10 days what it is. It does not have to have roots to show sex.

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10X’s suck…no bueno… I even got this one that I only use for coins now… you sound just like my old lady with the glasses. She’s been to the eye doctor twice and has about 4 pairs but still doesn’t believe she needs them. Well you don’t sound like her you remind me of her. But not … I don’t know what I’m saying I’m baked. Oh yeah let me show you the scope…it’s laughable.

Oh yeah these kinds suck too…

These are the ones I use this one’s my backup for my backup backups.

Gotta use atleast a 30X


omg. i’m glad i didn’t see this gigantic post before looking at your garden this evening. :rofl:

Hey everyone! 1TG knows how to grow some plants. (she’s just been modest) Right now she’s just underwatering a little, and she needs to trim her plants (which she already knows how to do with her tomato plants). And she is going to work on a way to get more pictures posted on this thread without making excuses about her phone. Here are some pics of her plants.

I walked around the corner and saw all this green and thought “wtf are you asking me for? clearly you know what you’re doing!”

And here she is.

All of these pictures have been posted with her expressed permission.

And thank you to those of you who responded to my question of which were boys and which were girls. I think 1TG knows which plants to cull and which to keep now.


Nice grow! Doing well as usual. Looks like my strains are in good hands! :+1:

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I do look at all the branches. Til I’m blind. LOL. I twirl the plant around and even started looking at the lower parts. @OlyBoy will back me up that the Hash Gods just don’t wanna show their stuff!!

Also, I researched on how to clone for sexing, and, believe me, I will be doing that from now on. But I didn’t seriously consider it until a few days ago and I knew they’d be showing gender soon. Very soon. Sooner than the cloning. But, I’m totally gonna do that from now on. Mostly b/c I just don’t want to spend time and money and equipment on possible males. Now that I know the genders, I can chop the males and give two of the females to a friend so I can be at my legal limit and give 100% to the six females I’m keeping.

Two of each of your strains. Perfect. :slight_smile: So happy!! Thank you!


You just crack me up. You are one of my favorite growers here because of your humor and your help.

About glasses, I’ll totally wear glasses. I have to. But I was probably more like your wife when I was in my early 40s. Now I have a pair of reading glasses in every room, every car, and then some.

The one magnifying tool you like is the only one I’ve not ordered and returned so far. Heh. Leave it to me to choose all the wrong ones. I do still love my think handheld magnifying glass!! I’m laughing because I almost bought the one with all the lights on it like yours!

I still need to try my cell phone clip on. I keep misplacing it. I think it is a 30X.



I’m glad you didn’t either or I might have missed the wonderful visit we had!! You are so very helpful to me and that is one reason that my babies look so good. You’re modest, too. Without you I would have been screwing up my feeding and watering even more than I have LOL

Can’t wait to get to trimming the other plants in the morning. I decided maybe I’ll start with the Solo boys before I chop them and then them away. Just to get a good feel for it before starting on the girls. After you left, I went much further on the defoliating of the tomato plants and moved them farther away from the babies due to the blossom end rot. I’ll deal with those tomorrow, too. I’ve read they could use calcium. Then I watered the babies and will feed them tomorrow VERY WELL.

I surely do know which plants to cull, which to keep & trim and how much more I need to water and how to tell. :slight_smile: What am I forgetting?

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Looking forward to working with you more on learning this new hobby of mine!! Give my best to OlyGirl!


nothing wrong with being tight fisted! frugal cheap lol! we are the ones that everyone else runs to when they cant figure out what the phrase tighten your belt means :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Hiya! Behind in update as usual. This isn’t it. Today, I visited a friend who started seeds about 2 to 3 weeks ago and she showed me how one of them was already flowering!! Lo and behold I immediately saw balls!! Please confirm on the ball sighting??

Now … question … why did I have to wait over 100 days for gender reveal and still waiting for flower??? LOL …


p.s. this plant is probably a ‘Blue Cookie’ which we thought was supposed to be feminized, but what do we know …


Def balls! That’s a male for sure!


On which plant for your question, usually a plant will show it’s gender within 4-6 weeks of veg if u know what ur looking for


For my plants in this journal, I didn’t get confirmation of gender until after day 100 from when they popped out of the soil as seedlings. @OlyBoy almost didn’t believe me until he came over to help with gender identifying and saw exactly what I meant about how un-obvious it was. Especially for the Hash Gods. Sky Gods were second slowest at showing gender. Little effers. LOL


Lol that would drive me crazy! Guess just a slow sexually maturing variety, hope it was worth the wait!


yes! see how obvious it looks when you’ve been studying nothing but girls!

You had 100 days of practice! :rofl:


Oh, trust me, I think everybody who knows me on here knew how crazy I was going. I bought loupes and magnifying devices and whatever and nope. I sent them all back. Such a relief finally knowing which plants I could give my full attention to!!


Right? That’s a long time to find out if u have a pesky male hidden in the ladies! At least u know if working with that variety to take a clone early on and flower it to find out gender that way, also can consider qpcr gender testing at 2 weeks


Yes! I looked all that up and that is totally what I will do next time, the clone sexing. This time it was too late to do the clone sexing when I finally started researching it. Next time? Yes.

I still need to continue to check them to make sure they don’t hermie. God forbid.

Nice to meetcha @1andonlyredneck … would love to hear how you came about with your profile name, having had spent ten years in Oklahoma and not a redneck, having had come from California. Or so we think as I now know there are plenty of rednecks in Cali. Everywhere. Okay, I’ll shut up now.


Hermie’s aren’t as common as ppl make it sounds and if it does happen and your watching they are easy to pluck before they start to drop, I don’t mind if it’s a Hermie from stress cuz the resulting seeds are feminized.
That’s a long story haha just was a nickname that stuck since high school days and well…if the shoe fits hahaha


Your chicks a dude, dude…dudette doesn’t work…!!! LoL I had one 2 grows ago that popped a couple balls just like that @ that age about. I threw baby outside in the corner, castrated it and she flowered as if she didn’t just have nutz a couple weeks before. LoL I get mad at plants and get this “I’ll show you who’s boss” attitude. Try and bring them back from a fire or ran over by the mower kind of death ya know. It usually does not end with life…:pleading_face: lol anyways yeah it happens - 9 times outta 10 I’ll toss them though. Only if I got boys growing or I’m experimting.