Ack! Scared of failure, but here goes my first journal

My squirrels have taken every single “acorn squash” that has grown. He only eats a hole large enough to get his head in, then leaves.
But he is not touching the melons, a trade-off I can live with.


For the record… squirrel is pretty tasty. I’ve only had it on a spit, open fire and blasted with cracked pepper. I do not remember it being that dark of a meat. It was ages ago - but talking them fat country woods living little varmints. Or when deer hunting @ the camp goes dry - it’s time to make stew.
My raised bed is wrapped in chicken wire. My back yard has holes everywhere from the possums that dig up roots. I thought it was moles for real… I know… we can’t kill them all. Just the tasty ones :yum:
Good idea with the live traps tho Hap! Much fresher at the dinner table to keep em alive that long.
Disclaimer - no animals were harmed in the writing of this entry or by any producers or makers of this journal.


I went with this, plastic containers over the seedlings. Actually clear plastic cups with cuts made on the bottom. Maybe I should cut the whole bottom out. I take them off in the day, put them on at dusk. Thank you! :seedling:

I loves my squirrels. A lot. Not escorting them away. LOL. I’ve spent way too much time training them to take nuts out of my hand. :grimacing:

So nice of you to share ALL your acorn squash. Too funny.

No, no, no, no!! I loves my squirrels. Also not a big fan of dark meat. Actually, you know? I am having a mole issue right now … wonder if it was a mole. Now those lil $#&*( can just go die! You crack me up. 'Much fresher at the dinner table" …

So, out of the 12 plants, 3 were messed up. Two of those 3 are going to make it. The third one is still questionable.

The GOOD news is that I finally started BBP today on these babies!! I have this fantasy that I’ll check in the morning and find double-sized seedlings. LOL. Not to worry, I won’t get my hopes up too much just yet! I also used it on some other plants I have. Can it be used on annual flowering plants? What about veggie plants that are producing fruit? @TheMadFlascher One last question: it’s been really hot here lately 90s (hot for us). Is it best to spray the BBP in the morning after I’ve taken the plastic cups off or at dusk, as I put the cups back over them?

Thanks!!! Hope everybody has a great night! :green_heart:


I’m gonna do a photo dump here (trying to copy @OlyBoy ) … these are from my edible phase last week. Back in a minute with the pics …


LOL, Ok I’ll let you feed and train your squirrels!

You may apply your BBP to ANY plants you have…veggies, ornamentals, fruits and berries…since plant physiology is uniform across all species you will observe the same effects

With high temperatures and outdoor plants, it’s best to apply at dusk in the evenings if possible.
However, applying in the morning is fine too. Seems the sun is much kinder than some of our artificial lighting !


Oopsie. Forgot to post the pics LOLOL … probably stoned … :grimacing: :seedling: :green_heart:


Making budder and freezing budder

Making caramels

More caramel making

Done, just need to cut … not an easy job!!

This was my second attempt to make canna honey … yum

Some of these pics might be redundant from another post. Not so the caramel making (I think) … the caramels do NOT taste good and are VERY hard to handle in the ways of cutting, covering and storing. So, this huge pan of caramels is still in my freezer, all in one piece. I had cut, wrapped and stored about 25 pieces but it was a LOT of work. I think I need a huge saw LOLOL … all that being said, they do get me stoned and I sleep very well later.


Ah, thanks, I wasn’t sure about the flowering stage of other plants. My vague memory sucks but I think I have to stop the BBP soon after the flip or something. Don’t worry, I’ll have it down by that phase.
Thank you so much for the guidance!! :green_heart:


Sure, just to clarify…

I overshoot flowers on all my ornamentals (and always have) without issue !

The only reason we cease cannabis applications 14 days post flip is because of trichome development…
If your growing for seed we continue to apply on a 7 day schedule right up to harvest.

The truth of the matter is that if you have been applying BBP all along in your grow, by the time we get that 14 day post flip application on, your plant has accumulated plent of BBP to take it right through flower!


She said training em to takes … Deez nutz from her hand … LoL sorry so sorry. Can’t erase it now!


Lost In Space Retro Tv GIF - Lost In Space Retro Tv Sci Fi ...


For Loco, this may be more applicable…


What’s your favorites TZ. You like the b&w Rod Serling better then the 80’s ones? I will.say I was early teens ish in 84/86 and they left an impression on me. :joy: Nothing like Creepshow though, ive said it before… I hate damn roaches because of the clean room episode. But maybe man on a wing with John Lithgow revitalized the newer TZ series. That stuff is as close as I get to scary movies. The original final destination is closest I seen in last 20 yrs. I did see the Freddy vs Jason when it went to video. Ofcourse that wasn’t really scary … comidic even.


the one with Telly Savalas. I think it’s called Talking Tina. even thinking about that f-ing doll creeps me out.