Ack! Scared of failure, but here goes my first journal

I have two autos and transplanted both twice one is bigger then my photoperiods with huge colas covered in trics so i dont know if i believe all this forever home from the start you just have to be smart and on top of things as monkey man said. Everyone is different and everyone grows differently you ask a question youll probably get 5 answers and im not saying any of them are wrong. (: if you are strapped for time make sure you give the dirt a good amount of perlite the roots like to breathe on autos especially and go ahead and drop in their forever home. If you have time and check on them daily it wouldnt hurt to do a few differently and see what works for you. But your running different strains so each will grow a little different as it is. Wish you the best!


I haven’t been able to give as much time as I’d like to with my grow, so I need to plant in their forever homes for now. Not sure I can do it smart. I forget so much these days. I did give them lots of mycorrhiza!!
And @repins12 - one of these days I’ll transplant when I know I’m on top of things.
@franklinfarmer - I’ve made that mistake, too.
@Mark0427 - edibles do work for me, but I don’t get a great high. I need to work on my dosing. I’ve heard that some people’s metabolisms just won’t work with edibles, etc. I get high but I would like to be as high af now and then. The shrooms worked when I did the Lemon Tek version. Big time. I’m too swamped in life to try something new but I’d like to try coco one of these years.
@cloudkandy - so true about everyone being different and how one grow can be so different from another. But I am strapped for time, so they went into their grow bags this evening. Great soil and perlite. I would like to experiment some day. Beautiful plants!
Thanks, guys (and gals? - you never know!)


Photo dump from seeds in paper towels that I let the taproot grow too long, a strange seed formation, their final homes and my preying mantis egg case lol cross fingers.


forever home…

I have loved running different strains and running same strains, and it’s great that the outcome has never been what I’ve expected. Plants are gonna plant. :rofl:

finally. We’re mixing things up. :laughing:

omg! Did you buy that here? I want one! did you know you can buy tupperware containers full of ladybugs at eastside urban garden center?


Fred Meyers!! 7.99. Last year the package had three egg cases and I was too cheap to get them. This year, one egg case for 7.99. Who’s the fool here? LOL

LOLOL … so funny that you noticed that term so many times! Ha


No, but I’ve seen the packages at Fred Meyers in the same selling spot as the praying mantis. I’ve always heard ladybugs just fly away to the neighbor’s yards. LOL. Probably what my praying mantises will do … BYE MOM … thanks!


Welp. I’m going to Freddie’s tomorrow!

I’ve really liked watching @ravenchief and his mantises over the past couple summers…

I saw my first few dragonflies a couple days ago. I should get a few landing on my plants soon.

That’s a mixed blessing. I guess it would mean that all your neighbors have better pests for your new found friends. I’m still gonna get at last one mantis nest.


I blame @ravenchief too. I love his videos and those mantises!!!

There were 5-6 left at the Tumwater Freddy’s last Friday. Good luck!!

Haven’t seen a dragonfly yet. I love them, too!!!

I’m coming into my happy space with this weather. HAPPY space. :green_heart:


Did you know back with the dinosaurs there was like 2’ wingspan dragonfly’s… LoL could you imagine! Them killer wasps get like 2" and they look big for chriminny sakes! Yup! Congrats on the forever homes :grin:


LOL, LoCo the mosquitos only had 16" wingspans !

You want to see a scary one, look up ‘Tarantula Wasps’ sometimes called Tarantula Hawks


Holy shit @TheMadFlascher, just read up on it. They grow 3-5 inches long.


I’ve had the opportunity to come across them a few times in my life.
As a kid in high school, I worked at a horse ranch on weekends/ summers.
LOL, one of my ‘important’ jobs was cleaning stalls and driving an old ‘59 GMC full of the treasure up in the foothills of the property to spread it around…
LOL, heard something that sounded like a B-29 bomber fly past me about 30’ away! She was about a 5"er and actually very pretty in flight !


Talking about that B-29 sound… Last week I was helping my brother out, he’s landscaping his backyard. We were driving post in the dirt while all of a sudden I heard a similar, deep noise. I looked up and a split second later we are in the midst of a swarm bees. That was special too.