AgraPro results from a GrowersNetwork grower

Greetings, All.
We had previously been advised by an indoor container grower that using AgraPro saved him 2-3 days of transplant lag each time he transplanted, speeding up yields a week or so for him.

That was good news, but this year we had a Grower’s Network grower use AgraPro on his outdoor field as the only change to his protocol. He recently reported 15% higher cannabinoids and 33% higher terpenes, which he said cost him around $0.03/pound but should net him an extra $16 or more per pound. (!)

We are glad we helped his yields and quality, and look forward to helping more large-scale growers.

AgraPro is an OMRI Listed Biostimulant and Soil Amendment, derived from raw Peat instead of the Leonardite Coal that has dominated the market. Peat is more bioactive than the “cooked” coal products, and mitigates transplant stress while improving soil and plant health and productivity and reducing reliance on (and effects from) synthetic chemicals. We have been focused on Fruit and Veg, but are happy to see we are also helping cannabis growers get more out of their same efforts!

For more info, check out our website or FB page, or email me at [email protected].

Happy Growing!


Anyone interested in seeing if/how we can raise yields and quality for your plants, organically and while building up soil health?