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Alaska HOOP house grower looking for best practices and solid advice

Just received my cultivation license for my 60k sq ft light dep farm in Alaska. Have been growing indoor for 10 years running 100 1000 watt lights and doing well with the indoor. Now going to pivot to the outdoors. Anyone have tips for a INDOOR GUY going OUTDOOR?
Thanks in advanced and if you’re in the neighborhood, drop a line and lets talk shop and go fishing



@billstevens907 congratulations on receiving your cultivation license!

I’m tagging Gary (@garymorgan) on this thread, he is a fellow Alaskan grower. I will also let some other members know that have experience with outside growing.

@Kirk_Schmitz is an outside grower in AZ (lot warmer down there) but perhaps he could offer some general advice on growing outside.

Also, if you are going the greenhouse route, we interviewed a greenhouse consultant on how to choose and shop for the right commercial greenhouse, there may be some helpful information for you:

Let me know if you have any specific questions, and I can better connect you to other members.


Bill, you might check out our post on the community from Cermetek or on our website
We have introduced a new technology for growers called Aquamon-LeafMon. The LearMon part of it enables growers to monitor on line the stress or health of their plants 24/7. It enables to monitor and control irrigation or other factors. or call me anytime, Frank at 408 482 2822 (in San Jose).


Congratulations! 60k sq feet is a great size operation. What sort of greenhouse facility are you thinking? Will you be running all year round? What exactly do you mean by HOOP house? I am an organic farmer in Ontario, Canada and have a fair bit of experience with hoophouse and coldhouse greenhouses - more information on your setup ideas would be great.