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AMA With Ralph Henninger of Royal Knight Agriculture Wed Oct 17th 11AM PST

Get ready to learn the science behind fertilizer and chelation aminos for a better grow

  • Who: Ralph Henninger from Royal Knight Agriculture @ralpht
  • What: Fertilizer and chelation-amino acids for a better grow
  • Where: Right here
  • When : Wednesday, October 17th at 11 AM PST

Royal Knight AG is a science based educational consulting company providing cutting edge agricultural support. RKAG works hand in hand with farmers using our exclusive OMRI listed products along with our other eco-friendly environmentally responsible materials. Our consult, methods and carbon based products help farmers sustain quality crops year after year. Also supplying the best in animal bedding with our OMRI Certified COCO Fiber.

We custom make EXCLUSIVE Nutrients Private label
Supply and partners with GAPS COCO COIR OMRI COMPOST

As well stay connected and help work with and educate cannabis industry.
#RKAG #growlikeapro consultants the FLOWER HEADZ squad can service members/ growers at home and permitted operations with top of the line cultivation solutions

EDUCATE consumers about new #organic technologies that help grow plants efficiently by using micronized organic based materials.

CONSULT on any grow operation. Staff and consult on properties and grow operation of all kinds. On a tier 4 legal permitted grow in Holyoake , Mass. and working with organic growers of cannabis, fruits, turf grass and plants

Broker the end user the organic supplies to help grow the plants effectively once educated on the new organic materials


I am such a geek for this stuff. I’m looking forward to this one.

I liked using an amino acid that was high in nitrogen when I transitioned to bloom. It was very effective and a little bit went a long way. I always thought my plants needed a bit more nitrogen but wondered if the amino acids had an effect during that transition.


Growers Network Thank you for the opportunity to be able to chat with the community in this forum , I appreciate the support

Hello !! Ask away!! I am not sure how this works?


Hey @ralpht! Thanks for being here and for taking the time to be with us for this AMA!



  • L Amino acids enhance plant metabolism & increases metabolic efficiencies which are essential for healthy plant growth

  • Critical metabolic processes include protein synthesis, stress reduction, photosynthesis, stomatal regulation, phytohormone production, respiration

  • Enhances nutrition assimilation & facilitates translocation of said nutrients within leaf tissue

  • Forms amino acid chelate, which acts as a chelating mechanism by neutralizing charge of metal ions, adept at chelating micronutrients

  • Rapidly assimilated by plants where it also serves as an organic, readily available nitrogen source

                                                                             HOW L AMINO ACIDS CHELATE MICRONUTRIENTS

Amino acids act as strong chelating agents and they are particularly adept at chelating metal ions. When they are applied in conjunction with micronutrients they form what is known as an “amino acid chelate”. Amino acids attach themselves molecularly to metal ions (Ca, Mg, Mn, Fe, Co, Cu, Zn) by neutralizing the electrical charge on the mineral ion. Once the electrical charge has been neutralized on the metal ion the amino acid chelate is then assimilated into the plant through stomata (foliar) or root hairs (root drench). L – glycine and L – glutamic acid are very effective chelators

This is all info on how chelation and L- amino acids work. I have Amino Acids in all RKAG materials . As well as other “organic” acids humic and fulvic


I’m ready thank you for the opportunity


I like to ask this question of everyone who joins us for an AMA: how did you get your start? When and how did you make your way into the cannabis industry?


I started working on plants including lawns and turf . I always fascinated by cannabis at 10-11 I remember reading high times lookin at the buds. intrigued me young. Then studying ag in college. Selling carbon based "organic " fertilizer in other industries . I saw that technology was changing. Our goals were to get as much material being taken up by the plant with limited cost. Identifying the cannabis industry I saw where I could fit materials in . saw how important root system in cannabis and that was always the main Goal. So I developed materials that are taken up by the roots using things like amino acids . More roots more shoots


I too fondly remember thumbing through the pages of High Times too, dreaming of growing big!

When did you make the shift to focusing on cannabis?


it was always on my mind. being from east coast I didn’t think about making legal money in the industry. 5 years ago I saw cannabis is coming on “Philadelphia” magazine and I told my old boss we should start gearing towards it. It was in his interests being they were old private Ag brokerage out of Philly. It didn’t fit there business. So I continued to work then officially two years ago self started and funded RKAG


I can appreciate cannabis always being on the mind!

Was making the break and starting independently hard? What were some of you biggest challenges? What is one of the proudest professional hurdles you have had to overcome?


biggest challenges ;
industry makes it hard for nutrient / additive companies because most are monster corporations giving out free samples constantly. 2017 I gave 100 k worth away throughout trade shows and can’t afford to do much more.
finding people to conitueto believe in something even when the chips are down. it easier now things are moving but finding good help when we are trying to move was difficult

proudest was getting my taxes 2017 completed lol


I can imagine it being quite difficult to break into the cannabis nutrient game with these behemoth companies and their endlessly deep pockets!

Was there any ROI to the $100K in free samples?


Payroll, taxes and regulations = my least favorite aspects of business ownership


Hey there, GNET @memberdirectory, is it Wednesday already?!?!

You know what that means: it’s time for another round of Growers Network AMA! Today we have Ralph Henninger from Royal Knight Agriculture joining us for a discussion on plant nutrition and fertilization science.

Time to ask some questions, folks!


I didn’t track it right. one of my many mistakes in my first year starting rkag. I wash hustling more then we were efficient. my trade show and point of sale was a work in progress. so I believe with all monies and product invest got me great contacts in the industry


Hey Ralph! Whats going on brotha? I have a bunch of questions from growers I collected in the past week. I think this would be a great platform to get some of those answered before we meet! What do you think?

Matt, Chris, and Travis


Does the growing medium have an impact on the effectiveness of your amino acids? Is soil better than coir or Growdan or something else?


No I believe all used in balance they buffer any grow medium . Humic and fulvic acids would do the same . buffer at the least


I like coco because of the ec and salts . my products constantly buffer em to make the nutrients readily available . coco is a clean slate past that. you add and subtract as needed . I do like mixing my constant composter coco additive with others like a fox farm or a royal gold something to build the bulk. I like it all mixed I guess be my favorite