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AMA with Ruben Rascon of Cure Advantage This Wed. Sep 26th 11 AM

Fresh off a long trip and here with us on the forum we now have @Cure_Advantage_Ruben joining our AMA. Welcome Ruben!

This is a first time in GNET history! We have an AMA live happening here in the Growers Network offices!


Hey @Cure_Advantage_Jon and @Cure_Advantage_Ruben. Thanks for hosting this very informative AMA!

Do you have any customer testimonials that state how your curing automation technology has helped with the sustainability and the growth of their operations?



Agreed, I too like the look of that sample. Trich density is fantastic, and it appears that most survived the handling of dry and cure. Can you tell me a little about your trim process? Do you wet or dry trim? When do you trim? Post harvest? post Dry? Post cure? Those key steps may help to better suit your outcome as well as streamline the entire post-harvest process.


That is great to hear from an expert. We hang to dry for 7 to 10 days. Then we mostly hand trim if we could manage the workload. Then we cure in buckets. I am deciding on whether to use Boveda 62% or not. Our curing is not very long, only 7 to 10 days.


We do have several testimonials from clients. Most appreciate the reduction in labor and how that alone brings about a more consistent and repeatable result. Many also talk about how the time to market aspect (our system reduces cure time down to one week versus most used curing processes of 4-8 weeks) is vastly reduced. But I think the most compliments are around our data analytics and ease of use of our client facing portal. We will gladly share those with clients and potential clients.


A very special thanks to @Cure_Advantage_Jon and @Cure_Advantage_Ruben for taking time to be here to day for this enlightening AMA!

GNET: if you still have questions for Cure Advantage, you can keep posting them here or DM @Cure_Advantage_Ruben or @Cure_Advantage_Jon.

Hey Ruben, thanks for coming straight down to the Dank Cavern from the airport to be with us today!


It was an absolute pleasure Nick! Here is our Powerpoint deck, for those that want to see some additional information on our system and approach. Thank you all!!

Welcome To Your Advantage.pdf (1.2 MB)


John and Reuben and their team have been awesome to us so far! Great product as far as we can tell, the proof will be in the pudding so to speak, as we get test results back!

Thank you,
Z. Cole


Thanks @Cure_Advantage_Jon and @Cure_Advantage_Ruben for taking time out to provide us with awesome and detailed information.

Even though I couldn’t be on this hour special, being able to read through all of the Q & A’s has enlightened me on this process. I just love this platform with such a diverse amount of intelligence on here at our fingertips to answer any question just blows me away.

Thanks from Down Under Australia

I will be contacting you soon to look at what I may require for my little Op.

Take Care and Have Fun



What do you think about freezing the buds soon after harvest without any drying. Will it freeze the chlorifill making for a stronger wax/oil extract?