Ancient Herbs

So I’m reading some historical stuff on how our ancestors did the cocktail hour and I’ seeing some really interesting stuff. Does anybody have suggestions on some of these potions?

There are tales and traditions of consuming psychedelic plants from every corner of human civilization. For centuries, native peoples in the American Southwest and South America have eaten morning glory seeds to experience divining visions.

In 1676, soldiers responsible for repressing Bacon’s Rebellion in Jamestown ate boiled Jimsonweed greens and tripped for several days. And during the Middle Ages, women healers in Europe brewed herbal concoctions with vision-inducing belladonna, mandrake, and thorn apple. From Project CBD -

Humans are innately attracted to plants and fungi that produce altered states. From magic mushrooms to ayahuasca vines to liverwort — in our brief history on this planet we’ve sought out ways to alter our perception. We should give thanks to our ancestors who figured out which mushrooms could expand our consciousness, and which lethal fungi took us straight to that great mystery beyond.

I’d love to get educated on these plants!! Any ideas or insight is appreciated.


When I use that link it just took me to the front page and didn’t have an historical recipes. Is it a link of the main page?

Recently I’ve been looking at the history of its use. The most interesting ones I’ve seen link back around 2500 years ago. Cannot comment of the articles but these locations and groups are ones I’ve previously heard about.




I’d love to hear more about any other historical use (recent/archaic) people know about, considering some researchers states there was an association towards 10,000 years ago based on movement of genetic material across the globe.


Hi @healmedicinal:
This is a very interesting subject, entheogens have shaped civilization: kings and generals asked to the shamans and sorcerers for advice before going to war or marry his kids to the neighborhood tribe. The Oracle wasn’t a people or place, the oracle was a plant or a fungi, a potion prepared by the wise and elders that opens the mind to understand the signs and dreams.
Greetings from Ecuador!

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