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And the journey begins

Grow lights with higher amounts of red are often using in the flowering stage to encourage plants to grow tall (stretch) and to help promote budding. Plants may switch to the flowering stage faster under red light than under blue.

I use high pressure sodium lights for flower. They have that reddish hue like the sun at all times. The more you mimic the suns colors and cycles the better results you have. This takes some pretty cool growing equipment and the knowledge to implement it.

What your in reference is the high reds from sunrise and sunset. Like how the sky stretches those pigments out. This is how the plant knows to go to sleep and wake. The function is to promote better sleep cycles which aid flower production.

When you can mimic the gradual increase and decrease of sunlight at the beginning and end of every day, you offer your plants a smoother transition through their biological functions.

I still have one controller left from building lights for reef tanks. I can control different colors and times and % for all colors.
I was planning on running the autos lights on 24/7. Should I not do this?

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Seemingly there are pros and cons for both. Take a look and see what fits your environment the best.

“Just remember that the buds you harvest under a 12hr light cycle will be noticeably smaller than what you’d get under a 18–24hr cycle .”

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I am going with autos this first go round. I am leaning towards spraying the roots I believe aquaponics. Has anyone had any experience with the fertilizer called Gold Leaf? Thanks :v:

I would like to order a 6 inch filter today. Any suggestions or thoughts?

Welcome to the Network @seaweed88. I’m a hydro grower that might be able to help you out. I’m currently growing dwc, but grow in Rockwool also. I’ve never grown autos before so I won’t be much help there. Vivosun makes an excellent oscillating fan that’s made to clip to the pole of the tent. That’s what I use. As far as carbon filters, I’ve been using Terrabloom filters and am very happy with them! They’re a great price and have more carbon than standard filters. Great choice on the A/C infinity T-seires fan. I have 3 of them now and they’re the quietest and most economical on the market.


Thank you for the help. Fans and filter ordered.
Is there a reason people are staying away from the aeroponics and doing DWC?
My education is in marine biology and I got excited by the science of the aquaponics and thought I would try to get comfortable with the process before adding biologicals.
I replaced all of my roDi cylinders yesterday so water should not be a problem. I was asking about gold leaf because it is one part and ph adjusted. I still want to use bloom booster. I felt it would be more controllable this way.
Thanks again image


Aeroponics is amazing my friend! That’s how I do my cloning. The reason I went with dwc is mostly because of the simplicity of the system. Aeroponics tends to be a little more invasive with keeping your sprayers free of clogs. Disinfecting between runs takes a little more effort. I honestly believe its the best style of hydro to grow in. I have a pretty busy life outside of growing so I try to keep things simple.
The aeroponic setups I’ve seen, people started their seeds in root riot plugs then set those plugs into their system when roots were exposed. Definitely journal your grow for us @seaweed88. :v:


I have another bunch of misters coming today. I may just dwc this first grow.
I am still undecided on which base fertilizer to use. I am leaning towards using Golf Leaf.

I am still looking at misters and kinda liking dwc about now.
Where am I? I am adding deep red and photo red to my led. The light mover came yesterday and so did my copy of True living organic. Not the kind of thing you need when y’all are already confused.
I am on the US. Where should I be looking for hobby seeds? Don’t need to plant a field.
I will keep up here
Have s great weekend.

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Some things are try and see if you like them. There are so many selections.

How long on a good grow how long does it take for the roots to enter the sump?
Reason for asking is I am trying to figure out feeding for these autoflowers. If it’s a sprint from seed to a 8 week finish should I change my approach?