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Annoying to see topics and not b able to respond

Why is it there are threads we can see and read and not respond to.

There’s a thread about drying and curing that insults home growers. If u only want to speak to professional growers keep those threads on that side. It’s rude and insulting and we don’t need to b called “bro science” growers.

“This site was supposed to be for commercial place , not basement growers , we need to stop with that Bro Science : Jars,Flushing(except Rockwool) , Nutrition deficiency and etc …”. @eldindupljak

By the way. The airtight containers for curing is to off the gasses which will not happen in an open room environment. The smell and taste are noticeably changed during the cure, if done properly. (Usually by basement growers)

And flushing your nutes and garbage out of your soil absolutely makes a difference in the harshness of your final product. Let me guess. It’s junk science to cut plants in the dark too which is the same concept as flushing.

Do u even smoke weed? Ever noticed the difference between smoking weed with a black ash and a white one?

The problem with cash croppers are they are in it for the money. Maybe u should listen to homegrowers, we smoke.

@kareenabis420. Anyway to hide the threads we can’t even respond to?? Not ok to come in and insult all homegrowers and we can’t even respond


I’m in the same position. I’d love to be able to have a conversation with all members of the community, but instead everyone seems to be segregated and unable to interact with eachother. I put together a reply for the curing thread and sent it to OP as a message because I can’t post in the thread. This forum definitely has the best ads and commercials that I’ve seen. Hoping the community lives up to the hype.


You’ll notice if you click on the thread that you want to respond but can’t, then click on the person that started the thread, they are usually on the commercial side.

You might see it say under “groups” something like “growopowners” or something like that.

They are keeping the hobbyist side and the commercial side separated. I would love to be able to respond to but can’t.

Kinda like we don’t see behind the scenes at ilgm @justgrowin. This site just has the business side and hobby side more integrated over here than they do over there


I would rather not see what I can’t interact with. Mayb just me but it’s irritating to want to ask something or ad something and not b able to.

Kinda like the waiters serving Michelin meals and eating ramen noodles.


I agree. I also wanted to ask in the curing post, and add my opinion in another about educating our children on cannabis.


@justgrowin @devjyarn @tdubwilly @victorw

I just messaged @devjyarn about this subject, so I’ll share my reply here.

You are welcome to join the private and vetted side for commercial members. All you need to do is fill out these questions for vetting purposes. Once you are approved, you will have complete access to 100% of our community. Thank you for understanding that we cannot let every single member into the commercial side of our community. We work hard to preserve a section of our community for licensed cannabis businesses, as their needs and conversations tend to differ from growing from home. Hope that clears up anything. You are welcome to private message me anytime you have questions.

Flag any posts that need moderation and our team will review them on a case per case basis. We are working hard to make this community educational, safe and supportive as we scale in size. We do not condone insulting other members, regardless of where they are at in their journey of growing. We are all in this together and if you help our team see any type of behavior that goes against our mission, then we will take care of the post and the member as quickly as possible.


That’s only true if we are cannabis business owners.

So why bother showing us their conversations? They obviously don’t have all the knowledge on that side Bc we can see their ignorance just can’t correct it.

They could learn a thing or two from our “bro-science”.

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@justgrowin I appreciate your feedback, it’s important to hear where you are coming from. Everyone is here to learn, and you are correct, no one has all the knowledge in the world on how to grow cannabis.

At this time, we believe there is value for non-licensed members in learning from the professional community, through the capacity of reading and private messaging members if you have direct questions.

This is a great analogy. Instead of having two separate websites, we find value in one network on one website, with different access depending on your role in the industry. There are also Facebook groups that you can read posts on, but unless you are vetted under certain requirements, you cannot post yourself. Similar function.

If you have any other questions, you are welcome to private message me and we can chat further.


I really dont want to start conversation as this one , thats why i escape from other forums , sorry if u got offended . But commercial growing is totally different from hobby growing , in many ways : as you said you grow what you like , we grow what ‘’ people like ‘’ . Other thing is the size of our projects , even if some methods are effective they are not possible on commercial scale , we are two worlds . I thought this site is more on the commercial side .

Just few points :
a) If u dont grow in totally inert medium , flushing is a big ZERO ! People will hear something and then they use it . Flushing make sense for Rockwool Recirculation System where the medium is washed with a lot of water . I will give you suggestion flush like you are flushing then take sample from your medium to preform lab test to analyze yr CEC of medium and to see how much food is on the medium particles , remember even if your readings of the runoff are 0ppm , you flush the medium solution not the medium itself ! Second take a plant tissue lab result , the cannabis its famous for the accumulator ability , it store a LOT FOOD in reserves ! You can basically grow in Peat Moss previously used medium a full grow cycle without to see noticable nute def , and your concentration of food its gonna even increase because the medium will start realising nutes in exchange with the plant .

b) You have the Kitchen Chef syndrom of course your product will always be the best , no doubt in that , at least for you .

Everyone will grow how they think , i am not here to lecture you . Just again i came here because i thought is commercial place , not to blend red pepers for mites and thing like that …


I took offense Bc u were offensive.

I appreciate that commercial growers are on a different level and I also appreciate that u can recognize even in a passive aggressive snide way that homegrowers have a superior product. Bc we do.

With that said, using a chelated flush does in fact make a difference in the end result. I do agree with your take on nute deficiency and have noticed u didn’t disagree with mine on curing.

Nice to have a civil debate with another lover of the same “hobby” at least for me.


Pay attention to the color squares. Gray is for home growers. We are here.

Personally, I ignore all commercial posts, now. Not my grow style, since they are definitely more concerned with $$, rather than growing top shelf connoisseur weed. I am perfectly fine with that, myself.

I learn plenty from my fellow hobbyist growers who follow the science, not the dollar signs.


I was trying to post in the introduce yourself, and I couldn’t. Am I not allowed to? Is there an introduce yourself section for hobby growers? Kinda just did it in my journal, but still wondering.



Thank you, you have a great site here.


I appreciate the kind words–welcome! We took in your feedback and updated the welcome message that is sent to all new members on the Grow from Home side of our community, to include a link to the Introduce Yourself topic. Message me directly if you ever have any feedback on how we can improve our community. Happy growing! :evergreen_tree: