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Another study ! Ideal PPM

210-260 PPM of N in Flowering phase for medium with higher water capacity !

280 PPM of N in Flowering Phase for mediums with lower water capacity !
390 PPM of N in Vegetative Phase any medium !

  • for Organic Fertilizers !

I never ppm. Its a waste of time. Then again I know exactly how much to feed.

Not sure what your point here is with all these random posts. Then tell everyone who tries to talk about your “findings” they are wrong. Seems like maybe you should teach us all how to grow.

So please enduldge me. Start from the very beginning. Write a fully detailed essay on EVERY Thing you do to grow.

That is if you do actually grow? Or are you just a copypasta guy?


MK3… This dude (says female but sounds like a male feminist) eldin… In my opinion you’re wasting some incredibly good points on pure trollism. I don’t have any social media whatsoever because it’s full of this kind of stuff. not sure if you know this but I just found out you can ignore somebody for up to three or four months and I did it. Certainly not telling you what to do just throwing it out there in case you didn’t know and would be interested. Losers leave their smell on you.

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I’m sure of this as well. He is a troll I’m done. And advise everyone else to ignore or.block.
I also don’t use any form of social media. Too many internet tough guys.

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OptimalRateofOrganicFertilizerduringtheVegetative-stageforCannabisgrowninTwoCoir-BasedSubstratesCaplan2017 (1).pdf (464.5 KB) OptimalRateofOrganicFertilizerduringtheFloweringStageforCannabisGrowninTwoCoir-basedSubstratesCaplanetal.2018 (1).pdf (605.5 KB)