Any advice on transplanting?

Hello all!! Lucky (My plant) is finally big enough to be transplanted into its 3 gallon fabric pot! Here is a pic of lucky from last night.

Anything I should be wary of or watch out for when I transplant it? Should I wear gloves? I’m going to be transplanting into soil mixed with perlite and worm castings. Is there such a thing as too much worm castings in a mix? Thanks in advance for all your help!


Hi @katmwall

Looking like a happy and healthy plant. Here is a super soil mix below or check this link for a nice soil mix. Use gloves if you have, and just be careful with moving the root system. You also want to make sure the roots are spread out evenly and not knotted in a ball.

1 part soil: buy high quality soil. The soil must have a spongy texture and vital its free from toxic substances. Dont use your garden soil!

1 part compost: composted rabbit, sheep or goat manure ( I am using cattle as that is what is available )

1 part of 50/50 perlite and coco coir mix.


It looks like it’s in great condition. I like to transition from one pot to another by rolling the pot with Lucky I. It . #2 Make sure that your fabric pots are ready. #3 Place your hand, with your gloves ON, and place over the top of the old pot ,tilt it on the side and give Lucky a little bit of shake/ vibration and the rootball will come out nicely and unhurt mist roots with an Inoculated =new live spores and eco Fungi. Apply VERY LITTLE and after you have cleaned up some of the soil and put Lucky in her new home. In a few days ASAP with some TOPPING and LST, MST.
I hope that I was of some help . Always check what you are advised to do this or that ext…

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@bryankp I mist it with spores? Where can I purchase those? Also I’m sorry but I don’t understand what toppers you are talking about (very new newbie here so im still learning the lingo). So you’re saying add nutrients to the top? What is LST and MST? Thanks so much for your help!!!

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5 days from clones


That is amazing growth. Thanks for sharing.

TRY to get a bowl from the dollar store and the cheese clothe,5 to 6 net cups ×2" #1 Airpump with a small/medium size store, I wasn’t able to find mylar for a good price so I got one of those thermal silver sheet like blanket and a Fleit LED 24WATTS AND A LEAK TIGHT LID FROM HD 1.56. CZ is the brand of the net cups.
Bowl =.99 HD
TDS 287
EC=93.5×5×7= YEILD LAB TENT WITH SP40000.
Last night I finished my Rainmaker for my CO2 enrichment.