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Any innovative or new marketing ideas for 2018?

Hey everyone,

I was wondering if you guys had anything innovative or new lined up for your 2018 marketing strategies that you felt comfortable sharing?

Personally I’m working on an education campaign for autoflowering cannabis to help spread the word and good information about autoflowers. To test the waters, I recently started reaching out to different radio and podcast groups to see if they would have me on as a guest and found it was surprisingly easy to get a “yes.” I’ve been on two shows in the past month and honestly it’s been a blast! Very cool to see people get interested in something they otherwise might not have even known about and it’s a cheap (free) way to raise public awareness (and so far both hosts invited me back, so apparently I have a face for radio!) Would love to start speaking at expos and shows as well; curious if anyone here has applied for speaking positions at conventions before and what that experience was like? This is new territory for my site and myself and excited to break into it!

Is there anything your company is doing that stands out for 2018? Community awareness projects? Something you hope perks up ears when it’s mentioned in a room? Let’s hear them!


I can’t speak to the process, but I did notice that Cannabis Science Conference will be calling for abstract submissions soon:

As far as innovation, I’m trying to take advantage of Initiative 71 and give away free weed from my local sponsors in exchange for email subscribers! :sunglasses:

Do you have a YouTube channel? It was brought to my attention recently that YouTube is the second largest search engine and that Google will like all of your stuff better if you’re on it (read: improve your SEO), since they own it.


Have you gone to the Cannabis Science Conference before? Looks very interesting, information heavy!

Free weed for e-mail subscribers? Where were you when I was growing up in North Dakota? It wasn’t until I moved away that I realized cannabis came in shapes other than the gasoline container it was smuggled in (and that when people described good pot as smelling like gas, they didn’t mean the gas smell from the container it was smuggled in haha!)

We don’t have a YouTube channel yet but it’s something we’re kicking around for the AFN site. Grow tutorials for autoflowers are coming soon! Honestly I’d love to see a commercial space get setup with autoflowers here in the USA and fully document the experience (there needs to be more information on this type of setup. Curious if anyone would be interested in a collab? Any thoughts on that idea @DutchPassionTony ? )

I’ve been chatting with the Director for Operation Compassionate Care; I’m trying to get high CBD autoflower strains to them for their program helping veterans with PTSD out in legal grow states (in fact I invited him here to check out Growers Network, hopefully he gets on this weekend!) They also setup the vets with grow equipment (which I thought some people here may be interested in, 501c nonprofit.) Very passionate guy, very cool program, check it out!


I haven’t been to CSC before, but yeah, looks very crunchy!

Heheh, yessir! It doesn’t go quite as gangbusters as you’d think. My hypothesis based on my traffic analysis and feedback from my local sponsors is that a lot of folks in the DC area are concerned about anonymity.

I will definitely check out OCC, thanks for the tip!