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Any Oklahoma growers?

What’s your dirt like? In the city I have a strong dirt light clay mixture. I was wondering if others have planted in this. I have 3 in week 3 flower I’m transplanting to the ground. The wind is just killing me.

That’s terrible DIRT and all fill dirt. Dirt around houses is NOT SOIL for growing. And clay is not porous enough. I would dig that ground/dirt up and out and fill with better soil amended with nice goodies and fertilizer or use some teas. There is a chance your plants roots could drown in a huge downpour if the soil doesnt drain well. I would get a soil test befor i planted there. I have actually killed some expensive outdoor plants and vines because the soil was garbage when i moved in. The spot i wanted to plant was where the previous owner the 80 year old grandpa fixed old ass shitty lawn mowers over there. After a soil test and hundreds of dollars in plants later is how i found out. Then I had to remove the contaminated dirt and back fill with real soil and start over. You wouldn’t believe the shit that came up out of his old corn garden area. Ive been cleaning up the yards contaminated areas and ive got it 90% replaced with great farm rich soil now.

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