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Anyone affected by the abrupt change in WA's edible policy?

I’m surprised the state LCB has enough power to change these regulations without more of a consensus/oversight from the industry. At least vendors have until next April to sell their existing products.


Wow! That sucks! My old dog loves the gummies! The 50/50’s are great for his arthritis and ornery temperament! Mr. Jinx is going to be pissed!

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You’re in AZ though. :hushed:


Yup. Pets can get cards here in AZ. And Mr. Jinx prefers infused gummies. Ca-razy huh?

We travel a lot. If Mr. Jinx goes to Washington (also coincidentally the name of his next feature film), he will be unable to procure the gummies he so desires. Mr Jinx’ adult human counterparts will also run into similar issues if they too desire a bag of delicious infused gummies or candies in the state of WA. For shame.

If I wanted, say, a Smirnoff Ice (gross! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:), is there an alcohol beverage control board somewhere that is going to prevent me from acquiring said adult beverage because it’s tastes too much like sweet candy?

I think the move to pull infused candies from dispensaries in WA is a little bit shortsighted, but that’s my opinion. Any thoughts on this, GNET? Is this a wise move?


stupid. another great value added product that will stay in the black market.

people that want gummies will get gummies. WA dispensers should sell canna infused syrup concentrates so that their custs can make their own candies or gummies or cocktails with recipes included with the product.

if the state wants to limit inventory, just make other products.

i bet the edibles crowd would actually like a home use value added product. its like mail order food, people wanna make what they consume more and more.