Are these too big for 5 gallon pots?

So my girls are finally in budding again after I had had them under a forest canopy and accidentally made them bloom too early in the season, so I moved them to a different spot, got them back into veg from the early bloom, and they grew more and finally are bidding again. They have been in these pots for ughhh 3 months maybe. Is there a chance for root bound or root problems with them being in these 5 gallon pots for too long?

One is about 6 foot 2 inches tall, and the other is about 7 foot 1 inches tall. Is there a need for transplant to bigger pots for the bloom stage? Or is transplanting during bloom a bad idea? And yes the re veg is the cause of the ad normal leaves I think. :thinking: this isn’t my first ever grow.

Rule of thumb, one gallon per foot of height.


Those look like fabric pots… your roots are probably pushing thru the fabric pots and into the surrounding medium…
My opinion transplant not needed if your planting in the ground with fabric pots…but im not expert

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Is it safe to transplant during bloom? Or will that cause shock or something? Yeah these are thickened non-woven aeration Pots. Would the roots really be able to grow through the pots ? Should I maybe cut some holes in the fabric to give them a easier time Of pushing out of those pots.

I have 11 plants in non woven fabric pots. They all have had no problem busting thru the fabric… 5 plants in 1 gal and the rest in 5 gal…
No need for holes, those roots are strong… they have even grew thru cley pebbles.

Replanting during flower may not be a good idea… Ive been taught that in flower, the less stress is better… and transplanting is pretty stressful on plants.
And if the roots have already grown thru your pots, you may end up ripping alot of them off.

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Not if in cloth pots… just spin them every couple days so the roots don’t grow in to the soil beneath… but if you don’t care about this… just let them go…and 1 gallon per foot…sorry… shit I should have had 35’ plants in my 35 gallon pots…please take no offence… it is like 2 wheels on my bike so 2 beer… 4 wheels in my truck 4 beers… damn I want my A class so I can drive 18 wheels…lol…

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Yeah there in these pots, thickened non woven, I hope they won’t have hard time busting through , they shouldn’t though even with it being thickened ?

Im sure they wont have an issue busting thru… roots are pretty persistent! Lol

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