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Are you a cultivator, dispensary, cooperative in the Emerald Triangle that specializes in "small-batch cannabis"? I want to interview you

Hi There,

I’ve posted recruitment pitches on here before, but my name is Alexander Kinney, I’m a PhD candidate in sociology at the University of Arizona studying the regulated cannabis industry. I’m particularly interested in getting a better handle on the growing small-batch cannabis movement including any perspectives on appellations initiatives, onboarding (or lack thereof) of legacy farmers in the region, and general challenges/opportunities/experiences managing Prop 64 on the emerald triangle region. If you would like to be interviewed as a part of my dissertation feel free to shoot me a message on here, or contact me by email at [email protected]




Hey, @akinney, how’s the research coming?

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Hi @Growernick, pretty good. Finished up interviews for the most part in the state of Arizona and transitioning into recruiting in California. Quite interesting stuff. The cannabis industry is changing every day it seems.