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We are looking for the best growers to import premium cannabis brands to Israel with a unique focus on the product and consumer experience.

Please reach me If you are in the possession or know about GACP/GAP quality products in the range of +20%THC and we can discuss the possibility of collaborating and importing cannabis flowers or your own branded products.

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So what’s fuckd up is I had a homie kuz I’m from the hood now come up to me w this same job offer but in india so idk how weed is finally changing the middle east well even tho it is weed so who knows right and I thought alot of our seeds came form europe asaia and middle east

Israel is the mecca of cannabis.

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Federally illegal

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it has been going on there since the 70s. USA will over take this once fully legal.

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Hello Nitzan,
I do not have a current supply. I do however have a farm coming on line this next season in South Africa. It might be a nice connection for the future. If you’d like, email me and I’ll make an introduction.

[email protected]
[email protected]

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