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Ask Me Anything Wed Dec 13th at 11am MST with Remo Nutrients

I’ve definitely noticed that many companies are recognizing the value of social media. It feels a lot more personal and can give a company a personality. It’s fun reading some of the Facebook messages from companies like Cheez-It and Target.

Which do you think is more valuable? Facebook, IG, Twitter, LinkedIn, or something else?

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We recommend a gradual increase because it’s the most cost effective recommendation for good results. Our line runs 700-900 ppm in veg and 1000-1250ish in flower. In my personal garden (not testing) I run 900 in veg through the whole phase, and 1250 in flower (also through the whole phase). It means I use more product but when the ppm’s are in the range we recommend, we have some flexibility.

Higher ppms would be anything over 1400. Some lines run up to 2200 and this is because the ingredients used in the formula are less efficient (and usually less expensive). You need to feed more of these for the plant to uptake what they need, and as a side effect, you get a lot of salt buildup in the medium. We run ours lower because of the amount of chelated ingredients we use (every product is chelated) and you can also recondition your medium.

Up until the day Remo moved houses, he had been using the same coco for 8 years.

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  • Every product is chelated
  • We have no hydro formula and soil formula. The only difference is one is filtered, one is not. We filter everything.
  • Dosing is consistent and even for each week (making it much easier to mix)
  • Costwise, we’re price competitive. It costs around $160 to grow 4-6 plants for a full cycle (3-4 months).
  • We have NO redundancy in the line. One product for one purpose.
  • We don’t sell one-ingredient products (humic, fulvic, ph up/down, etc). Everything is turnkey.
  • We have a 40 time cannabis grow competition winner fine tuning our formula
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Is nutrient application variable based on region or is it pretty standard regardless of the growing area? Are the recommendations and guidelines different in Phoenix than it is in Seattle?


Facebook’s advertising terms and conditions don’t allow cannabis or ancillary cannabis businesses to advertise on their network which is a big f-you. Linkedin is kinda useless unless you’re looking to get in touch with me without a business card. IG, twitter, and of course YouTube are the best. You need to be creative, and this usually means product placement vs ad campaign, but we can pull in around 750k-1million views per month cross platform using this method.

Also YouTube provides back end analytics that allow you to see where your viewers come from. This helped us in the early days when we needed to decide where to register first. If you know that Michigan has a lot of viewers, you focus your time there first and then move on to areas where you need to put the work in (low hanging fruit first).


Oh man…we did this bit where we wrapped an accidental male plant (the whole thing) in newspaper like a giant joint and pretended to smoke it. The Supreme Court of Canada used it as an argument of how medical patients are wasting the cannabis they grow. When Remo was being questioned (on the stand) he had to educate them that this was a garbage plant and would have been thrown away otherwise. We also had the let them know that this was what is known as “entertainment”. Anywho, we got a ton of views because of it.

My favorite is “Buds the size of your head”:


The biggest thing is going to be soil pH and water pH/ppm. If you have everything in pots, it won’t make a difference where you live (assuming you monitor your water). If you have them in the ground, then you’ll want to know the soil composition, and then of course, your starting water pH/ppm. If you have well water that comes out of the tap at 300ppm and pH 5.5, then you need to treat your water.

With regards to the feed formula, it makes no difference.

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What has been your most memorable experience with Remo Nutrients?

We did a competition in Vancouver where Snoop Dogg performed. We got 1st place in that competition and Snoop announced us as the winner and his personal favorite of the night. That was pretty cool…

We got it on camera too, so you gotta figure how much it would take to get him to say that solicited, let alone unsolicited.


Share the video or it didn’t happen :joy:

That is awesome, and definitely memorable!

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at the 43 second mark


Awesome. Thanks!

What are 4 instrumental tips you can share with our growers?

  1. No part of growing has a miracle solution. You need quality genetics, quality nutrients, a good room, and skills (problem solving) as a grower.

  2. pH is VERY important. There is an optimal range for cannabis growing (between 5.8-6.5) and you want to make sure everything you give your plant keeps the soil pH within this range. Anything above or below, and you lose efficiency in nutrient uptake.

  3. Don’t buy into things like the “Cat Piss” strain where they say it “tastes like cat piss but it gets you TOTALLY obliterated”. If your cannabis tastes like urine, you’re either doing something wrong or it’s not a good strain.

  4. Keep everything simple. Simple is always less expensive and the problems are easier to solve. It’s like when you buy a dishwasher with complicated electronics and you get error messages that you don’t understand vs. the old bare-bones dishwasher with simple functions but never breaks down. Spend more time on reducing your workload, not growing in an innovative fashion.

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I want to give a special thank you to Joel Twaites, with @RemoNutrients, for providing an informative and fun AMA session. Also want to thank you, our members, for participating in this week’s AMA.

This concludes our AMA with Remo. If you have more questions, be sure to send them a personal message or start a thread under the Nutrients category and tag @RemoNutrients.

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Thanks everyone!