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Attention to all Los Angeles Delivery Services

Hello Everyone,

Few days ago our delivery driver got robbed on a gun point. The person provided us with the valid ID and Rec. most definitely ‘‘STOLEN’’ and had us deliver it to the address thats on the ID. Unfortunately the person showed up from the bushes and point a gun on our drivers face and told him that he got 5 seconds to leave.

Just be careful out there everyone! If you feel unsure about the person you are delivering to, always ask for secondary document such as utility bill, etc. Also print this ID and Rec as a reference incase they try your delivery service. Be safe out there, don’t do anything thats not worth it!


Sorry to hear about this and glad that your delivery driver wasn’t hurt in the incident. A good reminder that security is an important part of running a delivery business!


Glad everyone is ok. Unfortunate risk that comes with this business. Stay safe.


That is not a good thing. Something similar happened to my partner a couple of years back. He was contacted by a dispensary that wanted product. He checked them out. Went to the physical location and was jumped, pistol whipped & robbed.


Sorry to hear that. Glad to hear everyone is ok. I think you made great suggestions to prevent this in the future for other services in the same business as yours.