Auto flowers/ reg seeds

Hi. I’m looking for good genetics to grow. Hi finishing autos right now. Ran out of seeds. And social security. Anyone have any available seeds ? Autos or regs. Anything would be appreciated. I can do a grow Journal and post let me know what anyone can do.

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And where do you live? I can send you a breeders pack of my coveted galactic god

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Would like you to do a journal though

Did you get my message about your coveted god seeds. And yes I know how to do a grow journals

I did. No problem

Also autoflower. I can grow in other room. Just wondering what you think the best is. Man I get so many names. Who knows if they even grow. Right?

If you would be interested in testing a brand new auto strain next summer, I might have some seeds for you to try by then. It will be an indica dominant hybrid between my friend’s 50/50 strain Poison Breath (he says he’s getting up to 3-4oz per) and Lights Out Larry (Northern Lights x Gelato 33) from Randomly Ran Cannabis.

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