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Autoflower Power: Cannabis Life Radio

Hey everyone I’m excited to announce that I just got off the phone with Stacia and company with Cannabis Life Radio and we’re setting up a time to have me come on for a live radio broadcast to talk about autoflowering cannabis and the Autoflower Network!

The tentative show date is January 27th around 9 am Mountain time. I’ll post up details here as they come!

I always knew I had a face for radio!

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Just a quick update, I’m still on task for a live call-in to Cannabis Life Radio this Saturday, January 27th around 8:10 AM MST! They said it’s a live broadcast (and I should have a link the morning of!)

I’ll be doing a brief introduction on autoflowering cannabis and the Autoflower Network!

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Live feed is up!

Come check it out!

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