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Autumn Autos 2019

Hit the nail on the head there. Thanks, BTB


Day 22/15

Light Update
Tent A: 175w/21“/26,000 lux/400 ppfd
Tent B: 175w/24“/27,000 lux/395 ppfd
INCREASED by 35 Watts & ~ 100ppfd

Temps/RH: 79-81F/64-66% (need to install my room exhaust outlet, now)

Food Bubbling
will make 3 gallons total
1 gal Tap
6 tbsp Grow
2 tbsp Catalyst
1 tbsp Meta K

AFTER bubbling, I’ll add 2 gallons of Tap and 3 tsp Demeter’s Destiny.


Day#23/16 Week 4
Feed Day

All but Blue Amnesia are showing pistils!

Even so, everyone is still getting veg food this week. Week 5 will be Late Veg/Transition #1. Week 6 will be either Trans Wk#2 or Bloom#1, depending on what the plants tell me.

The Main Girls
6 cups each, pH adjusted up to 6.1
1 gallon Bubbled Nutes
2 gallons Tap
1 tbsp Demeter’s

Big Buddha Blue Cheese Veg + Bloom
6 cups, unadjusted pH of 6.2
1 gallon Tap
4 gr V+B
1 tbsp Persephone
1 tsp Demeter

I decided to drop the Push completely and just go with the DD & PP for Calcium. Not too concerned with missing the Silica and other stuff in the Push.

–BB Blue Cheese has terrible scars from last week’s Calcium suck.
–Critical Blue just started showing minor Calcium deficiency overnight
–Chiesel is trying!
–Dinafem Blue Cheese has some minor light burn on her top leaf tips; she’s growing like a mofo weed
–Blue Amnesia has some minor light burn, as well. Tbh, all the girls in Tent B are showing very minor light burn, but nothing unexpected. I tend to push that tent, for some reason. Looking back, the B girls tend get light burn around this time, then I back off the light and problem solved.
–Next week, before meal time, I’ll do some pH testing of the medium, just to have the info


Your plants are all looking amazing! They all look very healthy from the time they sprouted. You can tell how much love, time, and energy you put into your plants!!! I love your grow journal also, and the way you set it up with all the info. Going to borrow a few ideas for my white widow journal I just started.


Day 27
Water/Microbe Day

8 Girls received 4-7 cups of the following 6.0 pH solution:
4 gallons Tap
4 tbsp Persephone’s
2 tsp Recharge
1 tbsp Epsom

BB Blue Cheese received 7 cups of the following 6.3 pH solution:
1 gallon Tap
1 tbsp Persephone’s
¼ tsp Life
1 tsp Epsom

Tent A

Tent B


Day# 29/22

The Girls are transitioning to bloom, though I think a couple could be in outright bloom. This has made food prep a bit confusing, today. :joy:

Main Food Mix(Bloom/Transition):
¾ gallon Tap
4 tbsp Grow
4 tbsp Bloom
2¾ tbsp Catalyst
1½ tbsp Meta K

Add Post Bubbling:
3¼ gallons Tap
4 tsp Demeter’s
1.5 tsp EACH Root Trio: Piranha, Voodoo, Tarantula

Grow/Transition Bubbling:
To be mixed with 1¾ gallons of Main Post Bubble Mix
1 qt Tap
2 tbsp Grow

After all is mixed, hopefully the pH will be peachy keen. The Girls will each get about 8 cups. Blue Pearl, Expert Blue Cheese, Blue Amnesia, and Chiesel will receive Grow/Trans, while all others will get Bloom/Trans.

–Currently, BB Blue Cheese and Critical Blue are recovering from Ca issues. BB Blue Cheese’s new growth looks ok, but the verdict is still out on Critical Blue. I think BBBC’s deficiency has caused her to stall out in her growth, so I don’t expect much from her, come harvest. Same for Critical Blue, though she might be worse off.
–Expert Blue Cheese is trying to start a Magnesium deficiency, but I hope the epsom foliar feed from last week and the Microblast foliar from last night (1 qt RO, ½ tsp Microblast, pH 6.6) helped everybody get on track. I sprayed all the girls last night, because frankly I screwed up and have been neglecting the micronutes and Magnesium. I won’t do any more foliar feeds after this last one, as they are getting too far along into trans/bloom.
–Blue Amnesia and Blue Pearl have some light burnt tips. Usually, I’d be worried, but my best plants from past grows had the same thing, so…yay, I guess?
–Dinafem Blue Cheese is growing pretty much how I expected her to grow; it’s how I expected all the Blue Cheeses to grow, from past experience. She is getting a bit tall, so her tent position might get swapped with Chiesel.
–Chiesel is still growing and getting better each day! She’s still a runty mutant, but she’s going to give me a few buds.
–running slurry tests on BBBC, Crit Blue, and EBC.


Slurry Results:

BB Blue Cheese–5.9 (screw nutes with pH buffers! I freaking hate them)
Critical Blue–6.4
Expert Blue Cheese–6.3
Blue Amnesia–6.3

Ok, so except for the Veg+Bloom fed BBBC, everyone is in fine shape, pH wise. That means my issues are most likely from hungry plants caused by strong lights and a good VPD? I am ok with that. That’s easy to fix. Look at me, being all positive.

The BBBC, I will start adjusting her pH up, rather than letting the buffers in the nutes screw me over.

I don’t think I’ll ever have a trouble free grow, ever. I’ve accepted that. I do have this blackthumb. No matter how much I prepare, plan, and carefully tend the girls, something always happens. This time, just some minor issues, but still. Stupid freaking product test…wtf was I thinking?! Stupid freaking me for not keeping up on Secondary and Micronutes! Stupid freaking me for not feeding heavier with this VPD and these lights!

Ok, now that I know things aren’t completely screwed-up, I feel better. I did NOT want to have to flush 9 freaking 5 gallon pots.


Day# 31/24
Feed Day

I mixed the Main Food Mix Bubbling with 3½ gallons of tap water, then seperated out about 2 gallons of that mixture for Grow/Trans.

Bloom/Trans recieved 8 cups each of the following solution:
-2.25 gallons of the above
-2 tsp Demeter
-1 tbsp each Root Trio (in a previous post, it should have said 1.5 tsp/gal)
pH to 6.3

Grow/Trans received 8 cups of the following solution:
-2 gallons of the above
-1 qt (a bit less, due to bubble out) Grow/Trans Mix
-2 tsp Demeter’s
pH to 6.2

BB Blue Cheese recieved:
-1 gallon Tap
-4.5 grams V+B
-.5 grams Shine
-1 tsp Demeter’s
pH 6.7

Run-off pH: 6.4
Run-off ec/ppm (500 scale): 2.6/1300

With the pH drift inherent in this product, not sure where it will ultimately end up. That ec is awfully high, isn’t it?

Lights are up to 200w, but I’ve kept the ppfd at 400, because the girls are barely handling that anyway; I want to be ready to easily raise and lower the light, rather than deal with the killawatts every couple of days.

Tent A

Tent B


Hey, forgot that I gave the girls a total of 5 tsp Microblast with their meals.


1300 is high for an auto. Have you thought about adding oyster flower or some lime to help stabilize?

Not on that. It’s a product test.

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Wowee what a haul of seeds! Glad your seeds came in cant wait to see your grows!

The Good Girls

Dinafem Blue Cheese Day 59

Blue Amnesia Day 59

Lights at 300w/25" both tents.


Man yummmy!


Nice job, awesome grow, be proud


With the holidays and such, I have fallen behind on my journaling.

Here’s a quick pictorial update of a couple girls on Day 64:

Blue Amnesia xxl


:fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire: very nice grow

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Blue Amnesia xxl

Everyone else is between 2-18 days from harvest. Not this lovely lady, though.


Day# 68/61

Trich shots are from a couple days ago (note date on pics).

I removed some leaves and spread her out a teensy bit, today. She also received a gallon of tap with 1 tsp DD, 1 tbsp PP, ½ tsp Recharge, and 1 tsp Epsom, unadjusted pH of 6.6.

Once the buds start filling out and fattening up, I think I’ll need to set up some major branch support.

Speaking of, Expert Blue Cheese’s branches are starting to bow from the weight of the buds. It looks like a bondage junkie went to town, the way I have things tied together. The physics involved in some of the strap placements is boggling. Her buds are ridiculously thick. They don’t look very Blue Cheesy, because they’re long, thick, and kind of golden, with ice just starting to really pop, but they are gorgeous, nonetheless.

She got 1 gallon of plain pH 6.6 tap water, today.

Dinafem Blue Cheese is not nearly as dense as Expert, but she has more of the typical Blue Cheese silver/blue coloring, thick frosting, and chunky squat buds. She will probably give me ⅔ of what Expert gives me.

No water for her. She gets the scissors on Monday.

Blue Pearl has developed very Sativa-y buds, which makes sense, but the breeders claim the buds should be more Indica-y. I really don’t care, because I love Sativas, she is a Sativa dominant, and that’s what Sativas do. Still, they are very long, with a thick base but airy apex; they almost look foxtailed, that’s how airy the tops are. I don’t think she’s foxtailing, though.

She received 1 gallon of plain pH 6.6 tap, today. She will be harvested in about 7-10 days.


Loving it looking good!! I’m running a batch of autos atm to catch up harvest-wise while my photos veg out I ran a few testers in the veg tent and was seriously BLOWN AWAY so I figured a full run while the photos veg is best use of my time currently vegging photos
3 black sugar
4 white widow
2 orange purple berry x night terror og
2 crystal blue
2 snowcap x querkle
1 bluberry muffin
8 big cat kush f1 x mendobreath bx

Auto strains going currently
“The bride”
Pineapple Express
And a pack of mixed high thc autoflowers


You are the reason I gave autos another look!!!
Love watching your journal!!