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AZ Governor allows industrial hemp

Exciting times down here in AZ!

Finally after years of legal and legislative wrangling, the governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey, will allow for industrial hemp farming in the state! Stay tuned as I turn my ranch into a working hemp farm!


This is great news! Glad to see AZ finally make some headway. They’ve had their fair share of issues and speed bumps for sure.

And I cannot wait to see your farm! I’ve been wanting to get into hemp farming more, but just haven’t wanted to leave the cannabis side yet!


It’s definitely worthy of a celebration!

Hemp farming will be a new endeavor for me too. Looking forward to engaging with some hemp growers here so I can avoid potential pitfalls and be a successful desert hemp farmer. Daily reports from the Farm coming soon…


Hello Nick,
This is very great news. I’m not always on the network but I appreciate the highlights that I receive in my email. I definitely scan them regularly.

Cannabisbuyer is doing more and more transactions in the hemp industry. We feel as if there is opportunity there and that we can help pave the way for the THC industry with the Sativa L (hemp) industry.

In our marketplace we have discovered that the hemp industry is plagued with many of the same challenges, banking, bank closures, shipping (UPS will not ship), distrust in large transactions (many brokers doing a shell game), DEA challenges etc. BUT, with more and more states coming on and the industry poised to grow by 40% in the next 4-5 years. Hip Hip Hoorah, it should be fun.
Please keep in touch with us and let us know about your progress. I think it’ll be a record year for harvest.