Bahama Berry Solfire Genetics compliments of SDoyle

Hey @HostileHippie420 i got some stuff you can test for me lol. Im hoping i get a male White caviar f3 male. I want to mate it with lava Freeze. I have some ideas here on some crosses. Lava Freeze was hard to get for me for years and then one day i found a seed shop and actually got the seeds for real. Im super excited here and im looking to mix some Maui trueblood with a couple of my strains. Problem is it takes me a long time to do in house testing. I dont use a lot of test growers anymore. Cant trust people with seeds or my plants. I stopped all clones because the cops got an inbound clone and that was that i shut the whole grow down. So a small grow for me is 2 tents lol. I went from 8 tents 1400sqft to 400sqft and 2 tents. I was always growing flower cloning and breeding at the same time. So im going to use some test growers a bit this year so you are already in and so is @wow_arizona. I choose my test growers not the otherway around. Since In house strain testing takes up to 10-18 months per strain. And having 35+ strains and growing larger. That it makes it a lot harder to test strains as efficiently as i want.


Absolutely positively 100% down an brother I’m truthfully honored, not for nothing I told you before I wouldn’t ever even give your seeds away those are my babies if they know they know if not :man_shrugging:t3::man_shrugging:t3: not my issue I already know people are unreliable trust that but you have my word anything you do trust me with stays between you an I unless told otherwise obviously the journal but yea man I am totally down!


The deal was to not give away your genetics. I keep my end of a deal. Love your stuff.


I’m same way with my collection, I’ll share some of my stuff, I’ll pop plants for couple family members to grow , mostly as testers for outdoor grows or my own seed runs. I don’t share others genetics unless I have permission and only to a select few , I have one buddy who just wants everyone to grow his crosses and spread them around. I still ask before I let anything go, annd lately seems like I’ve got more stock of his seeds than him. :grin:others I might share some pics , some general info but no specifics. lol. Too many greedy people trying to steal others work and trying to take credit or make a buck. :+1::+1::v:


Bahama Berry is growing up an odd structure but that seems to be my norm lmfao


Bahama Berry is a crazy looking plant I love it!! An the Flavor Burst an Surgar Show are beginning to get bigger!


Very nice @HostileHippie420, thanks for the pics!


Of course! Sorry they didn’t come sooner I have been running like crazy here