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Banning Home Cultivation

The average cost for a month’s supply of #Cannabis is in the hundred$

If your municipality allowed landlords to charge you a surcharge to grow, would you comply?

One fee, zero hassle. Let’s start fee at $200 per annum.

For the landlord, this could be used like a fund for potential damage.

We all have different situations due to the international nature of GN, but what are
peoples’ thoughts on this?

My friend in Canada tells me tenants are getting letters from landlords stating they cannot grow though the new regulations allow it.

To be able to grow without worry means something totally different and how we grew under
prohibition is not how we’ll grow under freedom!

Thoughts? Would you pay a fee to be able to grow without any hassle?


One possible option would be if you wanted to grow in rented accommodation, is to get the grow setup safety inspected and sign off with a bi-annual checkup to ensure the grow setup is still compliant. That would go someway to not invalidating the landlords insurance, $200 per annum won’t go far towards a place burning down due to shoddy wiring or some other overlooked aspect. I’d rather pay to be certified and have landlords acknowledge that means “leave me alone I know what I’m doing”.

Growing outside in the open on the other hand should really be of little concern as the risk of property damage is next to zero. There are already laws and guidelines that stipulate the requirements for outside grows is my understanding.

I guess as it the landlords property they do have the final say, but knowing tenants are adhering to safety standards would help. If I was renting out property my concern would be something like fire or water damage which can be very costly to repair and potentially fatal in the case of fire.



I agree. I think it’s at times difficult for many of us handy people to imagine how unsafe some situations can be. I mean, for the most part, growing indoors requires plugging plugs into electrical outlets and that’s about it. There’s no splicing or jerry-rigging anymore, you buy the fan and the lights and you plug them in, hang the light. A bit of education and transparency can go a long way.


As a landlord and a grower, I have mixed emotions on this topic:

The landlord in me would be totally cool with charging the fee, provided all liability from the grow conveys to the tenant. In a multi-family housing situation (i.e. apartment dwelling, duplex, triplex, etc) I would have a hard time allowing personal cultivation as it could potentially pose a fire threat to other unknowing tenants. My best friend died in a house fire. I just don’t play around with fires. As If I could prevent a fire simply by preventing a grow, then that’s just what it is. So the dwelling in question would largely be a determinant to allow cultivation as a landlord.

As a grower who has rented many places (and have dealt with landlord issues related to cultivation), I would much prefer to be upfront with my landlord as to my cultivation activities and disclose the nature of my operation (this presents another host of issues that transcend the landlord/tenant relationship). As long as everything was explicit and in writing, it would be a way to be more honest with the landlord or controlling asset management company.


As a master grower and landlord, you could design and require a specific homestyle design to mitigate potential damage, if tenants wish to grow their own.


You pose an interesting concept: rentals that include cultivation spaces built to spec. I like it (and have mulled it over in the past) but current U.S. federal guidelines prohibit me from doing so. I don’t want to lose my property to seizure because I could be perceived as complicit (especially if a tenant grower’s legal paperwork isn’t up to snuff). I hope the day comes soon where federal law is less terrifying in all matters cannabis. I would be the ultimate landlord!


Does AZ not allow personal grows?


Currently we are verrrrry restrictive when it comes to personal cultivation (i.e. no patient cultivation if the patient resides within 25 miles of an operational dispensary). This rule effectively creates an oligopoly for the dispensaries who also operate their own cultivation facilities. It also makes it very difficult for patients to obtain cultivation rights or even grow their own medicine! The rule scares me as a landlord as my residential properties are within a few minutes of several operational dispensaries.


Wow! That is super restrictive.

No wonder that hash issue is so black and white at the moment. I am sure you will get in no time!

Maybe next year?

I’m mean, OK is harder right than AZ and they have the most relaxed rules of all med states.


In Canada we will have a rule of 4 plants per house and some provinces and territories have decided to ban it all together, as is their right.
That being said, in your guys’ opinion as landlords, would a “no electricity” policy suffice? For example, they can have their plants in the windows or in a small greenhouse or garden, just like any other house plant and local laws depending.
As a renter, I would think that would be a fair compromise. I’ve seen some basement stuff and the worry all electrical fires is well found in my opinion.


Oregon is 4 plants as well. Cities and counties can opt out of rec, but can’t control the 4 personal plant on private property.


Keep in mind that we’re talking about 4 plants. I currently have 6 houseplants. Let’s say they were all big Palm type houseplants that grow up to 4 feet high. Would I require a specific home design to mitigate damage?

Plugging in electronics isn’t an issue unless there’s a cannabis plant under it? I think we’re overthinking this. It’s 4 plants.


In the end, I personally feel like we all have to scrub our memories of how we used to grow when the main objective was to grow as fast, as much, and as hidden as possible. So many things we did before were simply to hide!

We won’t do that when it’s legal. People can put together their own BBQ’s !!! People can use fireworks at leisure and we’re going to say that hanging a light poses a fire risk? I just don’t believe that. However, there are many irresponsible ppl out there so I look forward to some kind of compromise that respects both parties’ rights.


I agree simply because it is now lights etc… for growing cannabis instead of palms or some other exotic does not automatically make it a risk. The difference is that people are less likely to ask for the help due the historical issues and also may not want others to know they are growing for a multitude of reasons.

Those growing tomatoes or chillies under lights for example have no problem going to the hydro store and asking for the the advice they need or even call in an electrician to check they have got the wiring correct. It does not matter if everyone knows they are growing fruit and veg.

The effects of prohibition are going to be felt long after it is over.


Hi Dan,

If I rent a flat/house in Germany that will be based on a contract. That contract will be signed in advance and cannot be changed later by just one side! So an aditional fee for growing would not work this way. Of course it would be possible to set up a contract including such a fee but I thing it would infrige German laws since all people in the EU have to be treated the same (growers and non-growers too)

Furthermore it is mandatory to have an general liability insurance which would cover all damages if the growing of cannabis would be legal! And thats the problem at the moment. Since home growing cannabis in Germany is not legal it is not possible to professionally install equipment. That leads to many accident caused by stupidly installed equipment.

If growing cannabis where legal the installation of the equipment would have to be done by professionals (like installing a 3 phase stove) or another way would be equpiment that can be installed like a “television set” which has the appropriate safety approvals (like CE, UL, etc.)

So I would not pay such a few and I don’t think that would be a fair way to make sure that risk of landlords will be minimized. In the end $200 won’t help a landlord in case of fire…

An appropriate way would be a mandatory special liability insurance based on the obligation to either use equipment installed by professionals or to use only certified equipment which can be installed by useres like “televison sets”




Right!!! How did THAT happen???

I’m sure we’ll get with the times…in due time.

When in doubt turn to history: I am reminded, and ashamed, of the fact that the supreme court had to demand that the State of Arizona acknowledge and observe Martin Luther King, Jr. day!! The folks in power don’t exactly have a rich tradition of progressive thinking or voting here in AZ. Hopefully voters will continue to push for the issue that matter to us.

Eventually, everyone will have the ability to grow their own.