Be wary of Phone calls from INNO Properties or Cannabis Tech magazine

Hi all, I write this topic merely as an FYI and with caution. This publication tried to position me in a “Pay to Play” scheme with their publication. One of their sales reps called me saying how much research they’ve done on my company, they have been watching us closely and wanted to feature my company in their publication. He then has the gaul to say that they will only do the feature but first i need to contribute advertising dollars first. I sad i was not interested and they hung up.

All I am saying is that I would be weary as tho whom you do business with in this industry. There are many scams tactics and schemes that have worked in mainstream industries and business but are now being tailored to the cannabis industry.


Sadly, this is reminiscent of a lot of those pay-to-play “publications” for writers, poets, and scientists. This kind of behavior looks to make a quick buck on people who want exposure, and in the end it serves nobody but the “publication.” These kinds of companies spring up and go under all the time, because they are based on exploiting people.

By the way (and I know it’s a shameless plug/transition), if you or anybody you know is interested in exposure, Growers Spotlight is FREE for contributors. We just ask that articles are educational, not advertorial. The only cost is the time it takes. :slight_smile:

Message me or email me at [email protected] if you’re interested.


I made changes to the heading of the thread, because the publication is eerily similar in name to Cannabis tech, the ampersand threw me for a loop after discussing the confusion with the publisher of Cannabis tech, they are not the perpetrators. Cannabis & Tech magazine are the ones who called me with the pitch. They are an Innovative Properties Worldwide, Inc publication.

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It’s looks like they got their contact list from MJBizCon. Possibly the directory. Too bad!
They have been contacting me too :confused:

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Yeah, we were at that con, so that would make sense, thank you for the insight. I did get a call from Cannabis & technology’s CEO was very aggressive so after he called me some choice words I said “well I guess we are at a crossroads sir, have a good day. “

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This is actually very common in a lot of industries. Thanks for the heads up.

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It is sadly common and VERY unethical. You were absolutely right to reject that pitch.

It’s also true that running a publication, even “just” an online pub is incredibly expensive. As a PR professional whose job it is to get “earned media,” I feel for both side of this coin. I think it’s important to remember that there ARE pubs out there worth supporting with ad dollars and as an industry, it’s in our best interests to have vertical pubs for our industry.


I appreciate the heads up as well. Some companies are in growth/spending mode and might be willing to do something of the sort, but I’m not in that camp and appreciate the shared info. @TaraCoomans has a good point I didn’t consider until reading.