Best cannabis cultivation channels on YouTube

om running out of stuff to watch guys. who are you guys flowering? that truely keeps up with updates and is up to date.

I’m a big fan of the late Subcool “the dank” grow series. It’s the Weed Nerd on YouTube. I’m really excited to grow his original Jack The Ripper strain and also breed with it. Plus I’ve grabbed some of his cannabis cup winner Vortex, and Kaboom genetics. His original JTR strain is one of the highest thcv strains. I’m obsessed with that cannabinoid and it’s amazing effects.


dang, ima check him out today. ibwas excited blacklist came out with a new series… but its already over… now im back to scrolling and finding! :joy: let me know how the strains come out. ill even cash app you for couple of beans. :joy:

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