Best Drying and Curing Practices for Better Bud

Check out our latest article on the best drying and curing practices!

What do you guys do to ensure the best bud from your crops?


Many growers, new and seasoned are starting to take the guess work out of drying and curing by using Boveda packs. The timing of when to start the cure is often not an exact science and one that cannot be controlled depending on where you live. So, in the case of an overly dried harvest, a Boveda pack at 59% to 62% relative humidity will re-hydrate and revive the bud and the trichomes on it. While, if you happen to put your bud in the jar too soon, the same pack will pull in that extra moisture keeping the RH level where you want it and too low for any mold growth.

I’ll be starting to flower soon and look forward to putting this knowledge into practice. CHeers!