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Best line of benificials

after using great white, orca, and several other brands of root products I’m wondering are there any other brands that are better if so and why?> I noticed the jungle boys have been mentioning Myco-jordan was contemplating giving it a try.


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Think you can recommend anything for LBC?

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What specifically would you be looking for in the LBC?


I wish I could speak more from experience on peer reviewed scientific papers, but I’m going to have to lend myself to anecdotal experience on this one.

If you like powder, I’d recommend Myco-Jordan. For liquid, I’d recommend Mammoth P. If your goal is pest prevention, I’d go with TerraGrow from Biosafe Systems.

Personally, I really like Mammoth P’s product. It’s my go-to.



(shameless plug) I’m partial to Elite Root Igniter myself… is a Liquid Mycorrhizae that works great with all feeding programs. 136 propagules of Mycorrhizae per mL. etc. You can see a visible difference in the plants in just a few days.

That said Great White is good stuff, good people and good product.

Happy to get you a free sample of Root Igniter to try out if you’re interested. PM me.

(thanks for the heads up @Hunter)


try the royal knight ag micronzed organic materials. All results insane. we have 1.1 billion cfu backed by long chain carbon and long chain sugars. low doses. increasing terp by at least 20% and yield. money back guarantee

insta royal_knight_ag

check out all my work. I am backed by OMRI scientist making fresh materials sourced locally with omri micro biologist

Try URB a mix of at least 6 microbes that supercharge your root medium, soil, rock wool, coca fiber, etc. Good stuff.

The one on left is URB and the right is a control, both cuttings are off same mom same day and the only difference is URB.


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