Best seed strain for making oil

Hi all, I am new to growing cannabis and I am getting very confused with the many types of plants available. My intension is to grow some plants that I can use to make oil for the treatment of chronic pain. I would also like the option of using the buds to smoke. I live in Australia where we have a Mediterranean climate. Could anyone recommend a strain that would suit my needs. Do I need to buy seeds for a strain with high CBD low THC, equal CBD/THC, a high THC or doesn’t it really matter for making oil.


Hi @Gaz

You can make oil from any cannabis plant. You need to look into the strains that suit your needs, requirements. I guess you looking for oil for some medical conditon, so start with that to research your strain. If its not for recreational use, might be best to go for a balanced CBD/THC strain or CBD straight.

You have an old cannabis culture in Oz, look at some local strains that have climatized nicely.

What really matters is how you grow your weed ( organic or synthetic ) and how you process your plant matter to oil. I always go for the most organic way. My method is I grow the seeds i have chosen for the season. I save the best flowers for my smoke, the rest ( including trim ), I make into hash or my sheela makes coconut cannabis infusions.

good luck bud. Happy hunting.


Thanks Chris for the great advice. I have done some research but it made me more confused than ever. I know there are a lot of growers in Oz but it is very much underground due to the archaic laws we still have here.